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Steven Seagal: Mass Shootings Are “Engineered”

Steven_Seagal  Steven Seagal: Mass Shootings Are “Engineered” Steven SeagalThere are few issues right now more contentious than gun control. One of these issues happens to be “false flag” operations. Actor Steven Seagal has previously sounded off on both. In an interview with RT, the action star-turned second amendment fundamentalist claimed “a lot” of domestic shootings in America were “engineered” in order to drum up support for gun control legislation. [5] In the video, Steven Seagal speaks forthrightly about his belief that there is a concerted effort by the government to violate our rights as part of an assault on the constitution:

We believe that many of the people in America are not going along with the hocus pocus of certain governmental bodies who want to try and perpetuate the Cold War, we believe that the Cold War is a fantasy and a hoax to perpetuate maybe some sort of financial gain….

You have to understand, whether or not it is intelligent, or ethical, or moral, one of the great techniques of even Adolf Hitler … [is to] tell a lie enough times and it becomes the truth. One of the things that, you know, certain people’s regime has become very adept at is controlling the press, and controlling the media … For example, CNN, do I think CNN is completely telling it like it is? No, I think they have an agenda, I think their agenda is bought and paid for…. This isn’t about telling the truth, who’s right or who’s wrong, it’s about a smear campaign and who can manipulate the press.

I am not prepared to make a comment on what’s happening in Syria because in America I don’t believe we are being told the whole truth.

I believe that, I hate to say this, a lot of these mass murders and all this funny stuff that’s going on, I believe a lot of this is engineered. [1]

In the last quote, he is talking about the Boston Bombings and other such events.

Steven Segal also addressed the fact that we have armed guards protecting banks and jewelry stores, but we fail to protect our own children in schools: “The most precious gift we have from God is our children. Why can’t we spend money and time to protect our schools and our children? They have armed guards at every bank, at every jewelry store, (…) [and everywhere you go in the world] there’s always armed guards protecting money and jewelry. Why can’t we protect our children?” [7]

While all of this might sound like the rantings of a conspiracy theorist, it’s difficult to ignore the haunting circumstances under which these shootings take place and the political aftermath that follows. For example, the Obama Administration was quick to gather support for gun control after the Oregon shooting, but nobody made any mention of the shooter specifically targeting Christians. In fact, few media outlets mentioned it at all. Sometimes conspiracies are true. [6] The conspiracy theory surrounding domestic false flag shootings conjures intense emotions on both sides. “Truthers” claim the government uses either CIA operatives or patsies controlled by MKULTRA style psyops in order to foment violence so abhorrent that Americans will be forced to embrace gun control legislation. They believe the end-game of such an insidious scheme is to disarm the general population in advance of extensive martial law or indefinite FEMA detention.  Whether any of this theory is true or not is endlessly debatable but highly unlikely. Theorists who claim every mass shooting is a government conspiracy — without providing concrete proof — detract from the documented fact that governments do partake in conspiracies and false flag operations.  However, while the mechanism by which domestic shootings could be “engineered” is still unknown, the MKULTRA program is an established historical fact. Researchers are still uncovering CIA connections from this time period, but we do know experimental subjects included Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber. [5]

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