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After Complaints, Hasbro Changes Gender of Dinosaur Toy

shiy A lot of liberal souls complained that there was a lot of baffling sexism in “Jurassic World.”  [3] [6] The perils of genetically-modifying dinosaurs is one of the core lessons at the heart of Jurassic World, and one major movie-toy manufacturer might be getting the message.  Hasbro, which makes Jurassic World merchandise, was caught advertising the plastic models of the female dinosaur from Jurassic World as male, a mistake that led to a round of criticism from fans and journalists.  [4] The original controversy stemmed from the use of the word “he,” when, according to the Jurassic Park movies, dinosaurs on the islands are bred as females only. The description of the dino as a “he” raised eyebrows both because there’s no way to actually identify the gender of a dinosaur toy, and because the film franchise has long emphasized the fact that its revived prehistoric monsters were female. The Indominus Rex is clearly referred to as a “she” in Jurassic World, and 1993′s Jurassic Park made a point of saying that all the dinosaurs were bred to be female, so as to not have them reproduce on their own. (Remember “clever girl?”) [4] Web sites like Yahoo Movies, AvClub, The Daily Dot and HitFix are complaining about this mishandling of gender identity:

Are toy companies so entrenched within the “Boy” aisle vs. the “Girl” aisle that they believe boys won’t play with dinosaurs that are female? Or that girls in general don’t like dinosaurs? And it’s not just Blue who is mysteriously mislabeled as male. Every single major dinosaur character was reworked with new pronouns. The best Hasbro can do? A handful of descriptions use gender-neutral pronouns to skirt the truth that “Jurassic World” is an ovary-fest. […] Anyone at all familiar with the mythology of “Jurassic Park,” you know the dinosaurs are female. [3]


The Daily Dot, who have a lot of experience reviewing toys, was also complaining about the compagny’s sexism and wrote: “the pattern seems to be “commit sexism first, backtrack only after sustained public outrage.” [5] Now guess what? After receiving complaints online, Hasbro has bowed to pressure and changed the pronouns of one of their dinosaurs to “she.” As of this morning on Hasbro’s website, Blue and Delta are official girls again! Huzzah!  The description on Hasbro’s website for the “Jurassic World Chomping Indominus Rex Figure” now reads:

Meet the new queen of Jurassic World: Indominus Rex! She’s a dino-stomping monster whose color-changing skin will hide her until she’s ready to strike! One bite from this master of disaster’s mega-chomping jaw and it’s all over. Get a giant bite on your next adventure with the invisible terror of your Indominus Rex figure! [2]

…teaching kids that when it comes to killing prowess, gender is irrelevant. The site has also changed the pronouns for velociraptors Blue, Delta, Echo, and Charlie. [3] Yahoo Movies reached out to Hasbro and heard back from a spokesperson for the company who said the switch “was an oversight.” [4] While it’s not clear right now if the company is going to go to the trouble of reprinting all those cardboard boxes that already went out with male pronouns attached, it says it’s “in the process of updating the language with the correct information.” [2]

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