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Women are Joining Forces to Fight ‘Makeup Shaming’



Liberated women and feminists are furthering their unstoppable march to tackle all the most important problems undermining our society yet again.  Last month, beauty blogger NikkieTutorials posted a video (which is at 17 million views and counting) of herself applying makeup to half of her face, titled “The Power Of Makeup.” According to Bustle, Nikkie is a makeup goddess, wearing enough paint to make RuPaul jealous. Yet, she also shows off a bare face on her channel. [7] In her “power of makeup video,” she uses eyeshadow to make her eyes look bigger, fills in her brows, and makes her “double chin” disappear with contouring.  [7] The goal of the video was to shut down makeup-shaming haters and hone in on the incredibly important social message that dolling yourself up is a personal choice that shouldn’t require an explanation — aside from the fact that it makes you look damn good.  [1] “Nowadays, when you say you love makeup, you either do it because you want to look good for boys, you do it because you’re insecure or you do it because you don’t love yourself,” she said. “I feel like, in a way, lately, it’s almost a crime to love doing your makeup.” [2] Cosmetics are the newest things to take center stage in the shaming spotlight, and  a lot of women complain now that you can’t even wear a little eyeliner without someone “makeup shaming” your selfies. [5] It’s a problem that’s cropping up all over the internet, from Twitter to YouTube, and has even garnered the attention of celebrities like Zendaya, according to MTV News.  [9]

benetBy doing this futile exercise these feminist justice warriors hope to challenge the assumption that women only wear makeup because they are afraid to be seen in their natural state. And the idea that, in doing so, they are slaves to an exploitative beauty industry. [2] The Instagram posts follow a recent plethora of #NoMakeup selfies. Women, including celebrities Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum and others, have been posting selfies of themselves barefaced to highlight their inner beauty.  [16] Even if makeup does make you feel better about yourself, makeup artist Donna Bennett writes, who cares: “It’s all about how happy you are on the inside that counts most, and if drag queen makeup does that for you then bloody rock it out. Personally, I love glamming myself up on a Saturday while being a homeless bum during the week.” [2] The tactic is always the same with these stupid feminist demonstrations of empowerment: they build a strawman like “period shaming,” “selfie-shaming” or “makeup shaming” (you know something that doesn’t even exist) and then they tear it down in the most ridiculous ways (like taking selfies).  But who exactly is responsible for this so-called social problem of “make-up shaming”?  You probably already guessed it.  It’s of course the evil patriarchy once again. Cheyane Reisner from Elephant Journal try to explain how and why this is the case:

I understand that there are patriarchal implications in the conception of makeup and that the sales tactics target intensifying the vast insecurities women are socialized to develop. But we need to stop shaming women who choose to defy our constructed social constructs. […]  One of the biggest reasons the patriarchy still exists and thrives is because women passively perpetuate it. We do not have time to waste our energy hating our sisters or choosing how they act.  Jealousy, gossip and hurtful words are poison to the changes feminism aims to instill within the world. [12]

Now, as you may expect, many women are showing their support on Instagram and posting their own Nikkie-inspired transformations. Any excuse to show off is a good one obviously. So, using the hashtag #ThePowerOfMakeup, air heads from all over the globe are uploading their own half-makeup, half-no-makeup selfies. The pictures come with some heartfelt captions proclaiming that they don’t wear makeup for other people, they wear it for themselves as a means of empowerment. [1] Feminists thinks that Instagram is a powerful tool in the fight to end both body shaming and makeup shaming and that this half make-up selfie idiocy “is one of the best ways to silence the bullies.” [17]

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MTV News hit up BeautyCon LA (July 11) to ask the attendees there—from YouTube beauty gurus like Meghan Rienks and Amanda Steele to celebs like Karrueche Tran and Alli Simpson—to express their thoughts on makeup shaming and if they’ve ever been on the receiving end of makeup-shaming comments. [9]

The ladies of BeautyCon have ridiculous words for anyone who might find themselves being makeup-shamed and they even advise people in matters like online bullying and stuff like that. [9] Maybe makeup shaming is not criminal yet but online stalking is. If someone doesn’t like your selfie because of all the clown makeup on your face and allow himself to make some disregardful comments on your Facebook or Instagram account you maybe be the victim of cyber-bullying or digital abuse.  Think about it! If you have enough acting talent to play the “victim” you can always call the cops and have him busted for Internet bullying or something.  This way we will end the pressing social problem of makeup shaming once and for all.  Let’s put all the haters and the shamers in jail!  Ironically enough, in a recent study done by researchers at Bangor University and Aberdeen University it was found that “People’s perceptions of what men and women find attractive are off”. Researchers came to the conclusion that both men and women prefer women to wear less makeup as opposed to more.  [20]

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