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Bill Clinton Not Chelsea’s Biological Father

Chelsea_Clinton_fraudShocking new rumors are circulating that President Bill Clinton may not be the biological father of his only child, daughter Chelsea Clinton.  Well, in fact it’s not a “new rumor” since we heard it before.  Dave Martin, historian and political commentator known as “DC Dave” on the internet: “First, the evidence that Chelsea is Webb Hubbell’s daughter is strong and has been out there for quite a while. The rumor was confirmed by Chris Ruddy as soon as 1994. He said it was all over Arkansas.” Chris Ruddy, a journalist and the owner of NewsMax, was a long time Clinton antagonist. Ruddy has now made some sort of a deal and has “gone over to the dark side” with the Clintons, to the puzzlement and dismay of his conservative friends who just shake their heads whenever Ruddy’s name comes up. [11] John McCain once joked in 1998 that Chelsea was the offspring of Hillary and Janet Reno (the dad). McCain actually said “Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly? Because Janet Reno is her father.” McCain was a lot closer to the truth than he had any idea. [11] On June 2, 2014, The New Yorker cited anti-Clinton blogger Robert Morrow’s claims that Hillary and Webster had had an affair in 1984 during Bill’s second term as governor of Arkansas. At the same time, Bill – who later admitted to numerous affairs with Gennifer Flowers and Monica Lewinsky – was involved in a paternity scandal of his own, that he got a local woman pregnant. [5] “Chelsea is a dead ringer for Webb,” he said of the former Associate Attorney General, who Bill appointed when he became Commander-In-Chief. “But Hillary initially kept the pregnancy secret from Bill! “If your wife becomes pregnant, the husband is usually the second person to know,” he added. “But I find it very odd that Bill initially didn’t find out about his wife becoming pregnant – and had to learn that fact from a newspaper. “According to well-respected author Edward Klein’s (2005) book, The Truth about Hillary, Bill discovered his wife was pregnant by reading it in the ‘Arkansas Gazette,’ Morrow continued. [15]

enquirerSome new evidences of the truthfulness of this story just emerged. According to the National Enquirer, Chelsea Clinton recently took a DNA test–which proved that, shockingly, she’s not the daughter of the 42nd President of the United States but, rather, the result of Hillary Clinton’s affair with another Arkansas lawyer in the late 1970s.  The Enquirer claims that Chelsea’s actual father is Hillary Clinton’s former law partner, Webster “Webb” Hubbell.   The issue of 35-year-old Chelsea’s paternity has been widely debated, and The ENQUIRER set out to acquire DNA samples from Chelsea, who recently became a mother, and Webb. Each autographed books, which were quickly and carefully sealed, along with the pens, for lab testing. SEE THE DNA TEST RESULTS HERE. [4] The ENQUIRER approached Webb, 67, at a book signing in Durham, N.C., on July 18, 2014. He was promoting his political thriller ironically titled, When Men Betray.  A reporter presented a brand new Sharpie pen and a pristine copy of the book. Webb signed his name in the book — and even agreed to place both the book and the Sharpie pen in a protective bag. The reporter also retrieved a large Starbucks drink that Webb had been drinking from, which was later tested for additional saliva and DNA.  [4] Chelsea’s DNA was acquired on April 9, when she spoke about public health initiatives at Harvard University’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health in Boston.  As Chelsea exited the auditorium, she used a new Sharpie to sign a clean copy of her mom Hillary’s authorized biography, Living History.  A reporter placed the Sharpie and book pen into a sterile bag. The samples were then taken to a genetics lab in the Southeastern United States.  The forensic examination of the samples could not disprove that Webb was Chelsea’s father — with the official result being “inconclusive.” [4] [5]


Larry Nichols

Radar Online reports, June 25, 2014, that former Clinton aide and close friend Larry Nichols, who was also the Clintons’ killer-for-hire (see “Bombshell: Long-time Clinton associate says he killed people for Bill & Hillary“), claims that Bill once told him he was not the biological father of Chelsea, and that Chelsea’s real father is Webster Hubbell, the former mayor of Little Rock, Ark. and Hillary’s one-time law partner. [7] Nichols said, “We were discussing this woman’s claims that Bill had knocked her up and what we should do about it. But he [Bill Clinton] denied that he could have gotten her pregnant. He said he had measles as a kid and that rendered him sterile. His exact words were, ‘I shoot blanks.’ Stunned by what I’d just heard, I asked him, ‘Then what about Chelsea?’ And he said, ‘Oh, Webb (Hubbell) sired her.’”  [5] In the wake of Larry Nichols’ appearance on the Alex Jones show recently and now with this DNA thing, it seems that the story has gained steam.  “It’s time for Hillary and Bill to reveal the dirty truth once and for all,” Bill’s former aide, Larry Nichols, told The ENQUIRER. “They can’t question DNA!”  In an interview with The ENQUIRER almost a year ago, Larry claimed that Bill once admitted he wasn’t the biological dad of the couple’s only child.  At the time, there were rumors that hound-dog Bill had impregnated a local woman.  Larry told The ENQUIRER Bill “denied that he could have gotten [the local woman] pregnant.  “His exact words were: ‘I shoot blanks.’ I asked him, ‘Then what about Chelsea?’ And Bill said, ‘Oh, Webb sired her’” — referring to Hillary’s colleague at the Rose Law Firm.

SCARYImages of Chelsea Clinton and Hubbell side-by-side, while hardly a scientific comparison, show quite a bit of resemblance between the two.  While the National Enquirer has a reputation of sensationalist stories, even liberal news site Jezebel admitted that they do have a knack for breaking political scandals, simply because they’re willing to dig into dirt that many mainstream publications wouldn’t touch. Jezebel reminded readers that the Enquirer “was responsible for breaking two pretty major political stories over the past 10 years: the John Edwards cheating scandal, and Bristol Palin’s pregnancy.  [3] If the Enquirer story is correct, it could tell volumes about Bill and Hillary Clinton’s marriage–namely, because both of them seem willing to give permission to affairs, that rumors of their union being one of professional convenience may be true.  It also could be the final nail in Hillary Clinton’s stumbling presidential candidacy. In an effort to show her “softer side,” Hillary has often referenced her role as a mother and grandmother as a qualification for the Oval Office–and that would take a severe hit if it was revealed that Chelsea’s real father was hidden for more than three decades.  But while many Americans were willing to overlook Bill’s rampant infidelity because of his aw-shucks charm and charisma, Hillary won’t enjoy the same free pass, especially with a child involved.

surgeriesThe truth is Chelsea Clinton is the biological daughter of Webb Hubbell and not Bill Clinton. The Clintons for years have gone to great lengths to pretend to be something they are not: a family. To this day, Bill often refers to Hillary as his “wife” despite the fact he has been kicked out of her house a long time ago. And Hillary refers to Bill as her “husband” despite the fact that Hillary knew Bill was completely sexually unhinged long before the day she “married” Bill on Oct. 11, 1975. Bill was given some phony award for “Father of the Year” recently and Hillary made sure to skip the ceremony. [11] Chelsea has had plastic surgery to minimize the “gumminess” of her lower lips, which is one of the key tells that big lipped Webb Hubbell is her father. If one looks at Chelsea’s lips from her early teenage years and compares them to Webb Hubbell’s, the Hubbell parentage becomes clear. Webb Hubbell, in his autobiography, says that his own father used to say the he had “nigger lips.” Must be an Arkansas saying.  [11]

searchclintonBill Clinton’s own parentage has long been in question. The phony cover story concocted by Bill’s mother Virginia, which is often told and repeated in biographies and at Wikipedia, is that Bill’s father was a traveling salesman, William Jefferson Blythe III, who died in a car wreck 3 months before Bill was born. That is just a bunch of bunk. [11] The reality is that Bill’s mother, known then as Virginia Cassidy, was a nurse who had an affair with a Dr. George Wright of Hope, AR, who is, in fact, the biological father of Bill Clinton. Author John Gartner went to Hope and talked to the old timers, people who had held Bill Clinton as a baby, and he found out in Hope it is pretty much an open secret that Bill Clinton is the bastard son of Dr. George Wright, now deceased. You can read about it in Gartner’s book In Search of Bill Clinton: A Psychological Biography. [11]

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