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High School SWAT Teamed Over Halloween Costume

Halloween-700x467  High School SWAT Teamed Over Halloween Costume Halloween 700x467 Police and SWAT locked down a Colorado high school, but it wasn’t for a clock this time. It was for a Halloween costume.  A young woman at Pueblo County High School dressed up for the holiday with a gas mask and trench coat. Clearly the costume is a monumental threat to the safety and security of the students.  [1] She was not carrying any weapons and never made any threats whatsoever. [4] A paranoid student reported the young woman to school officials and police was called. [1] The Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office SWAT team, which was training near the school, also responded in full camouflage gear and a large armored vehicle to sweep the building for anything dangerous or suspicious. The lockdown was lifted at 11 a.m. They found nothing, according to the news site. [2] “When being questioned, the student said it was nothing more than a Halloween prank, but again, because of the world we live in now, we take all those kinds of things very seriously.” [4] After being interrogated by the police during an hour-long lockdown, the young lady was not charged with a crime. The student will remain on suspension until a disciplinary hearing is held, at which time she could be recommended for expulsion, Smith said. The school board must approve all expulsions. [5] Pueblo superintendent said this about the situation. “In these times, these kinds of things just aren’t funny, but I would like to say that our students reacted very well to this because they are the ones that originally reported it. “Incidents like this cannot be overlooked and must be taken serious,” Smith said. “Our concern is always for the students.” [3]

“Hey, here’s a good prank to pull on the student … you’re suspended for a week and we want to talk to your parents … Happy Halloween,” online webuser Watchingdognlamar posted to on the Chieftain’s site. “Not a little slap on the wrist.” “It’s official: Common sense is dead – paranoia lives!” another poster, btyniq said. “I hope you are saying the student was lacking common sense when she chose to dress like this while attending school,” average_guy added to the thread. [3] The Blog Ethics Alarms had this to say about this lunacy: “Congratulations to hysterical, risk averse, reason-challenged school administrators, politicians and journalists, who have finally succeeded in making American youth terrified of everything. […]  Imagine if she had worn an Osama bin Laden mask! Everyone would have passed out from fear.  It is time for schools to stop celebrating or acknowledging Halloween. The adults are no longer mature enough to handle it.” [8] Incidents like this are happening all over America. Recently a young Muslim boy made a “suspicious” clock and got in trouble in school after a similar lockdown. The boy gained instant fame after being asked to visit the White House and Facebook.  The difference in this scenario is that the gas mask and trench coat Halloween costume is more dangerous than a potential bomb. As of right now, she has not been invited to Facebook, but is still hoping she can be invited to the set of Doomsday Preppers. [1]

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