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Feminists Piss Their Pants in the Name of ‘Equality’

fc,550x550,white  Feminists Piss Their Pants in the Name of ‘Equality’ fc550x550whiteThe headline says it all.  It also says a lot about the depraved state of our society. [8] Feminists on Twitter have fallen for a troll campaign created by 4chan which encouraged women to post photos of themselves peeing their pants in the name of “equality” under the hashtag #PissForEquality. “What if we somehow get Tumblr tards to publicly piss/shit their pants in the name of “Equality,” wrote one 4chan member on October 2nd. [1]  Like Paul Joseph Watson noted, it’s pretty pathetic to see “the social justice warriors being so gullible as to fall for such an obvious troll” and this complete lack of common sense “again illustrates how leftists are so desperate to engage in “virtue signaling” that they will literally piss themselves and put photos of it on Twitter to try and earn ‘progressive’ social brownie points.”  [1] Feminism is so fucked up these days that even them cannot tell the difference between their own original ideas and troll campaigns. Like the Raph Report mentioned, “the mere fact that you have to do a double take tells you all you need to know about modern day feminism. With most movements, you could look at something like this and laugh it off as a complete fabrication right away. You can no longer do that with feminism, after all the insanity we’ve seen. Think about Emma Sulkowicz the Mattress Girl, for fuck’s sake. These are psychotic people. [4]

pissforequalitylunacy  Feminists Piss Their Pants in the Name of ‘Equality’ pissforequalitylunacy

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Within 24 hours, numerous feminists on Twitter were posting images of their stained and soiled pants in order to show support for “rape victims” who had defecated or urinated while being assaulted (another meme created by 4chan).

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051015pee2  Feminists Piss Their Pants in the Name of ‘Equality’ 051015pee2

051015pee3  Feminists Piss Their Pants in the Name of ‘Equality’ 051015pee3

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051015pee5  Feminists Piss Their Pants in the Name of ‘Equality’ 051015pee5

One feminist even filmed herself peeing in her pants and posted it online. You can view that if you dare at the top of this story… It never ceases to amaze me what liberals will believe. It’s this kind of idiocy that led to someone like Barack Obama being elected… [7]

This is by no means the first time that feminists have openly embraced something that was originally created by 4chan to make fun of them. The “free bleeding” movement, in which feminists post pictures of themselves showing menstrual blood running down their legs in order to draw attention to ‘period shaming’ – was another troll campaign contrived by 4chan. [1] Back in August, 23-year-old Kiran Gandhi received a plethora of media attention from progressive news outlets after running the London marathon while on her period in homage to the “free bleeding” movement and how society run by ‘male privilege’ expects women to “cover up” when it’s that time of the month.  [1] In reality, the entire “free bleeding” concept was concocted by the predominantly male 4chan forum members back in January 2014.   Entitled ‘Operation Free Bleeding’, forum members agreed to launch a campaign to turn “free bleeding,” which at the time was an obscure obsession shared by a smattering of mentally disturbed women on the Internet, into a feminist cause célèbre.   #PissForEquality and the “free bleeding” movement – both created by 4chan to make fun of radical feminists – illustrate why more and more women don’t describe themselves as feminists.   [1] 3rd wave feminism has become synonymous with outlandish preoccupations like manspreading, trigger warnings, safe spaces, slut walks and free bleeding, while genuine threats to women’s rights – particularly in Islamic countries – continue to be ignored.  This is easily the funniest feminist story of the year. Period. ‘Full retard’ doesn’t even begin to cover it.    [1]

tweetpiss  Feminists Piss Their Pants in the Name of ‘Equality’ tweetpiss
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