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Clueless French Canadian Socialists Protests for Women’s Right to Go Topless in Montreal

top-less-lunacy  Clueless French Canadian Socialists Protests for Women’s Right to Go Topless in Montreal top less lunacy

Damn Hippies..!

A whole bunch of clueless hippies attended the second annual Go Topless day in Montreal, with participants gathering at the foot of the Georges-Etienne Cartier monument in Mount-Royal Park.  The event is part of a larger international movement originating in the United States that advocates equal rights for men and women, including the right to go topless in public. Internationally, the event is in its 7th year.  [2] This what you do when you’re an idiot who has been brainwashed to the peace and love rainbow crap culture since your earliest days. While the whole world is on fire, while the globalists are attacking their pension funds, muslim extremists are beheading christians everywhere and while they ARE the most taxed citizens in the world, what do french canadian socialists do? Are they mobilizing against the banks? No! Are they organizing against the big corporations that are poisoning us?  No!  Are they doing citizen-based investigative journalism to expose corrupt politicians?  No! Here is what they do: They are actively organizing and protesting for the right to walk around naked!  That’s right! This is what a totally conquered and broken people looks like. The main focus of all this organisation, planning, gathering and all this media activity around this event is not to fight over-taxation… no, no… it’s for the right for women to walk around bare-chested.  Can you think of a better way to waste your time, political capital and energy on irrelevant stuff?  The news are loaded with end-of-time types of news and these idiots still think we are in Woodstock. That’s the bottom line. What this means is that whatever they might say about their motives for being there, these people have been politically neutralized. This is as simple as that!  Their political discontent is canalized and diffused into harmless, pointless and useless protestations hyped by the medias. Then they go home and it’s over! The Go Topless Day in Montreal is no different. They are part of this ridiculous “free the nipple” movement that we see popping everywhere. Organizers of the Montreal demonstration are making the point that it is important for women everywhere to have the same constitutional rights as men and that women should not be arrested, or humiliated for baring their chests.  At the base of the Georges-Etienne Cartier monument an inscription quoting Cartier reads: “Canada should be a country of freedom and all freedoms must be protected by the Law,” but organizers say that the event is not only about equal rights; it’s also about learning to distinguish between nudity and sexuality. [2]  They say “it’s about freedom of choice, equality and the desexualization of women’s breasts.” [1] They want to “change the perception of “nudity.” [3] So in order to take a step towards this wonderful humanist naked utopia, women took off their shirts to show their chests, while (some) men did the reverse, donning bras to demonstrate show, in a comical manner, how men are privileged in society (being able to go bare-chested) while women always need to sport an undergarment. [3] The Montreal Gazette reported that there were 15 to 25 women at the event who bared their tops, and several others supporting the cause who chose not to bare their tops. There were also several men — 10 to 20 — showing their support by handing out pamphlets, carrying placards and doing some other idiotic things. [1]

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This is the most interesting part: The organizer of the event, Sylvie Chabot, is a member of the Raelian Movement — which founded this international event. [1] For those who don’t know, the founder of the Raelian movement,  Rael, is a wackjob cult leader who claims he is in contact with Extra-Terrestrials and who teach a strange brand of sensitivity training called “sensual meditation.” He is also well known to have a tendency to subjugate and sleep with his followers’ wives which often brings controversy around the group. Quite an inspiration! The Montreal Top-Less activities were the second time the demo has been held, though it has been going on in other cities for as many as seven years. When asked  if they have formally petitioned the Quebec government on this “right to be top-less” issue. She said no, because “the law is vague in Quebec. It’s not clear.” She hasn’t heard of any women being busted for being topless in public. [1] So it’s a non-issue then. Right?

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Sylvie Chabot

When asked by the Montreal Gazette how she felt about the concerns by some people that the Raelians were sponsoring the event, that some feared it is simply a recruitment campaign, she assured that they are “separating beliefs from cause.” We cannot fight for one group and deny others,” she added. [1] It’s true indeed, according to the reporters, that there was no obvious proselytizing by the Raelians during the event. When it comes to those women who oppose such a “right” to go topless and who disagree with the holding of such an event, she had this to say: “Many are ashamed of their bodies,” she said. And they “are carrying taboos (about nudity) since they were little girls.” “But (being topless) is not an obligation,” Sylvie said. “It’s a freedom.” Indeed, those are sentiments shared by nudists/naturists and others who promote body acceptance and tearing down the taboos associated with nudity. [1] Scott RedCloud, a naturist and co-organizer of Montreal’s annual World Naked Bike Ride, was there to show his support today, too, along with his partner in life, Amber RedCloud.  “As a naturist, I like to educate people,” Scott said. “Men in the 1920s and 1930s weren’t allowed to be topless (in public.) Now they have the right . . . and it’s women’s turn. They deserve it just as much as we do.”  Scott decried the fact that so many people incorrectly equate social nudity with sex. “They are completely opposite,” he said. “There is nothing sexual about nudism. And there is absolutely nothing sexual about a woman baring her breasts” in public situations like today’s event on Mont-Royal. [1] A closing thought from the pamphlet handed out by the participants at today’s demo:

As long as men are allowed to be topless in public, women should have the same constitutional right. Or else, men should have to wear something to hide their chests. — Rael, founder of Go Topless and spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement.

Nude events seem to be all the rage in Montreal, with two Naked Bike Rides already seen in Montreal’s streets. [3]

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