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‘Full Bush’ Might Just Be the Next Big ‘Feminist Thing’

CK3XawPUwAAfw9y  ‘Full Bush’ Might Just Be the Next Big ‘Feminist Thing’ CK3XawPUwAAfw9yFeminism is a growing thing, and it’s taken many forms. Recently we had Ms. Marathon: Free-Bleeder, who taught us that not using a tampon to stay clean and blood-free was “brave,” (and winning a marathon was so lame). Then we learned that Princesses Are Rape Culture, and daughters shouldn’t be called “princess” but some kind of sweet food, like “muffin.” . But the latest and greatest trend for women to show off just how womanly and feminist they are? Growing back the “bush.” That,s right folks hairy pussies are coming back because it’s liberating women, it’s feminist and it’s trendy!  You don’t believe it? Then it’s time for you to meet Sandra LaMorgese, a 59 year old author, talk show host, sexpert, metaphysician, motivational speaker, holistic practitioner, and ordained reverend (she does it all!) and travel with her as she makes a breakthrough journey to France and self-discovery. [1] She tells her readers about the psychological processes she went through while she was preparing to go to “a nude beach for the first time at 59.” [2] “One month before I went to the nude beach, she recalls, “I started dreaming up ways to camouflage my private parts, scars, pale skin, and stretch marks.” [2]  This how she came up with her “full bush” bullshit. She confesses: “I was very nervous, but I felt like having a little color on my skin and some natural coverage down below would give me the courage and confidence” [2] Now that she’s done it, she decided to go public in order to challenge stereotypes. She’s now inspiring modern feminists to embrace their womanhood and grow their hair down there. We’re not making this up, but god damn… we really wish we were. Sandra takes her mission very seriously and she prepared long beforehand for the D-Day:

I figured my skin would survive a few sessions of a light bulb tan, and I knew I could always shave afterwards if I hated the return of the long-absent bush. I was on a mission, and there was no turning back! After three seven-minute tanning sessions in the weeks before I hit the beach, I was golden from head to toe, and my bush was growing back nicely. [2]

Then, out of necessity, Sandra redefines womanhood:

When nude beach day finally arrived, I stripped down and starting looking around at the other nude sunbathers, only to discover that my master plan had backfired — I was the only woman on the beach with a bush! Instead of blending in, I stood out, and in those first few anxious moments. [2]

Did Sandra talk to ISIS about not raping women? No. Did Sandra speak out against female genital mutilation? No. Did Sandra become a world leader through achievement? No. Sandra tanned and didn’t shave, then went out naked to a new beach. [1] She bravely stood for your right to have a full bush! Now she’s a civil right icon and a ground breaking feminist. What an incredible achievement!

That day on the beach, I learned to love my bush — to view it not as something to be ashamed of or to hide, but as a beautiful, honorable badge of womanhood. [2]

Bravo Sandra! We couldn’t be more proud!

nudist-lunatic  ‘Full Bush’ Might Just Be the Next Big ‘Feminist Thing’ nudist lunatic

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