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Huff Post: White Feminists Need to ‘Shut the Fuck Up’

lunatic-bitchSince Obama has taken office, it is clear that racial segregation has become the center focus in politics, and Huffington Post is clearly not holding back their views on the matter. [3]  According to the Huffington Post, white feminists need to check their privilege and “shut the fuck up.” [2] A recent video shared on the Huffington Post’s Facebook page features two idiotic women “educating” the public about some new shit called “white feminism” and how it ignores “intersectionality.” Paul Joseph is more accurate describing the idiocy of this new concept: “White feminism is the oppression Olympics.” It’s like if all those lunatics are competing against each other to find out who’s the most oppressed… and the more you are oppressed the closest you can reach to the truth. They make statements like: “So, not all feminists who are white are White Feminists,” says Zeba Blay [culture writer at Huffington Post Voices.]. Emma Gray [the senior women’s editor for the Huffington Post] continues by saying, “…But most White Feminists are white because white people just don’t have to think about things like race on a daily basis.”  [4] The two women continue explaining why white feminists are a problem in the feminist movement by reminding them of their inability to understand what women of color experience:  “And we’re not just ‘pulling the race card. White feminism excludes the experiences of basically, anyone who’s not white, cis and straight,” says Blay.  [4]  But being a white feminist doesn’t necessary means that you’re a bad person, it just mean that “you still have a lot to learn.”  [4] For this reason, Zeba Blay and Emma Gray – both Huffington Post writers – think it’s important to issue a dismissive and insulting video to all women who are white and may have thought they were fighting for equal rights. Their message: You’re racist too, so shut up. [1]


It’s more and more obvious that the real enemy of feminism is feminism itself. That’s right … and white feminists need to “shut the fuck up” because it’s important for the most bully among them to put other women in their place… especially if they are white.  [2]   They are so messed up in their minds that they are even bullying each other now.  Like Paul Joseph Watson have noted, “feminism hate free speech so much that they are now trying to censor each other.” [2] For a while they were fighting for equal pay compared to men and to get some maternity leave, now they also complain that black and Hispanic women make even less than white women.  But unfortunately, like the Infowars reporter  mentioned, these social justice warriors apparently “didn’t get the memo that the gender pay gap myth has been completely debunked.” [2] No matter how many times this wage gap claim is decisively refuted by economists, it always comes back.  The bottom line is that the 23-cent gender pay gap is simply the difference between the average earnings of all men and women working full-time.  It does not account for differences in occupations, positions, education, job tenure or hours worked per week. When such relevant factors are considered, the wage gap narrow to the point of vanishing.  Yeah… that’s right… they are too ill informed to be journalists and it is THEY who should “shut the fuck up.”  Moreover, these air-heads don’t seem to realize that the segmentation of the “women’s rights” movement into different racial and ethnic divisions isn’t going to help their cause – not by a long shot.  [1]

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