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A New Fatwa Now Allows Muslisms To Get Stoned Before Sex if Their Wife is Really ‘Ugly’

stone-arabIn a series of strange fatwas coming out of the Islamic world, the latest concerns weed, and not so attractive wives. The story about the new fatwa is all over social media in Arabic, as a Moroccan imam suggests cannabis, or “Indian hemp”, as a solution for men who really don’t like the way their wives look. [1] A married man who believes his wife to be ugly may take cannabis before having sexual relations with her, according to a new fatwa from a Salafi Moroccan imam. [1] Unfortunately, the imam added some restrictions to the fatwa: the rule only applies to men over 40 and you can’t get too stoned, [2] which means that you cannot “use the drug for more than 30 minutes.” [3] The drugs can be used only in the evening, it added. [3] This is the ideal for men who are unfortunately married with ugly-looking wives so that they can see them, under the effects of the drugs, as beautiful women, like Houris or lovely nymphs,” the fatwa said. Houri is a Quranic term refering to “beautifully dark-eyed” women in heaven. The religious ruling is going viral on social media in Arabic, after the imam made a Friday sermon on the subject in a mosque, the Clarion Project reports. [5] The fatwa offers the most practical solution for all husbands who were tested by God (Allah) with ugly women, the religious leader said. However, some say that this fatwa is contrary to the rites of the scriptures in Islam and may not be followed or even receive ratification, Arabic users of social networking sites claim. One Arabic site states: “This fatwa is contrary to the rites of the religion of Islam and may not be followed or even ratified.” That’s too bad. [2] Suroor, a blogger, said that drugs should never be allowed, regardless of the reason. “This fatwa is utter nonsense,” she said. “The men who believe their wives are not good looking and need to live an illusion, even if it is for fleeting minutes, can simply switch off the light and use their imagination to think she is a superstar,” she said. [3] Dayem said the person behind the fatwa must be high on drugs when he issued it, even if it was for fun. [3] “This means that we will next have a fatwa that says infidelity and cheating are permissible if they help solve marital problems,” he said. For Hala, ugliness is not physical, but moral. “When we talk about an ugly person, we should mean deficiency in moral standards and good manners, and not in good looks,” he said. “This fatwa is so ridiculous that it should not be dignified with comments,” he added. [3]

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