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Nice Guy Behaviors are Sexist Microagressions Feminists Says

Did you know that being nice to women is now considered to be a “microagression”?  Yes, that’s right folks.  Even the most effiminate, harmless, pathetic kind of men – the nice guy (you know the spineless jellyfish-like dude that is always available to do nice things for women) – is now considered as an evil  “microagressor.”  Maybe you are more of the chivalrous or kind? Guilty again!  You’re being sexist! How is that possible? Well only in the soft head of an ultra-liberal feminist can we find such absurdities.  I found this ludicrous cartoon on the Everyday Feminism blog. They claim that they want to educate guys about women.  Help them to see the light. Here is how they present their lunacy:

They’re really common [behaviors like being nice to women & being chivalrous], and a lot of guys don’t understand why they’re not okay.  This comic will clear things up for you. Find out what you’re getting wrong, and get the keys to being kind without entitlement, dominance, or other sexist microaggressions.

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[1] Christine Deneweth , Why These Common ‘Nice Guy’ Behaviors Are Actually Sexist Microaggressions, Everyday Feminism, August 5, 2015


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