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Why Nigerian Ladies Keep Sugar Daddies?

This article was taken from Information Nigeria, an African  news outlet. According to the author, “it has become the norm of the society for young Nigerian ladies to have affairs with sugar daddies.” [1]  For those who wonder Why young ladies? Aren’t women in their mid-30s and 40s having sugar daddies too? Maybe. But it’s definitely a trend among the younger generation and the author present seven reasons why it’s happening:

1. To be financially buoyant

The sugar daddies’ pockets are usually swollen. The young men of these days are either too conscious of the way they spend or they are saving towards marrying some hot chic. But the Big men have lesser responsibilities and so could afford to let loose a little change. After all, it’s either their kids are married or out of town.

2. To connect with happening people in town

The sugar daddies have worked while they were young and must have invested in many sectors of the economy. Hence, they seem to have friends almost everywhere. And as such, the ladies love to hang around people with names or influence. It gives them a sense of belonging.

3. To maintain their social status

The sugar daddies with their connected friends have social life and those with the big pockets are usually registered in one club or the other. The ladies get to go with them often and meet other people as well. These outings are usually fun packed filled with freebies. I mean who doesn’t like the comfort and luxury of having to order for food and things around?

4. To satisfy their sexual needs

Some young ladies have had major disappointments in life and have decided to take things with ease. To avoid being used and dumped by young men in their league, they go for sugar daddies who they believe have attained enough emotional stability in their lives to treat young ladies with disdain.

5. Sugar daddies are often experienced and more understanding

They seem to have a hold of themselves. This could be as a result of their years of experience. They have something reasonable to say most times and have words of comfort to offer when the ladies have things on their minds. Most of them understand that the ladies have their life ahead of them so do nothing to stop them from expressing themselves.

6. No jealousy feats or rage as often experienced with younger men

The sugar daddies seem to be born with many traits of maturity. They do not expect the ladies to be over them 24/7. Their work schedule doesn’t give them the luxury. And in turn, they don’t have time to keep tabs on the ladies. Meetings are fixed early and worked into their schedules. As such, the ladies have time to themselves. And the chances of them being caught cheating with other men is slim or close to zero. Thus, no mental exertion is involved.

7. To avoid the usual commitment required by younger men.

Some ladies prefer to have light affairs with no strings attached. The sugar daddies are often married and want relationships that are less demanding. So it’s a convenient arrangement for both parties.

[1] Why Nigerian Ladies Keep Sugar Daddies, Information Nigeria, August 9, 2015


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