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Shit Culture: Norway Men Wrestle Naked in Freezing Water what the fuck is that 620x330

Shit Culture: Norway Men Wrestle Naked in Freezing Water

Norway’s musical scene just offered us a nice piece of Cultural Marxism. A new Norwegian music video by the pop duo Robaat features three naked men in a freezing river.  What the fucking hell those dudes are doing? Are they wrestling? Dancing? Cuddling? Go figure! Robaat is a duo comprising Julie Alapnes Norman and Kine Yvonne Berntsen, whose previous band The Bon Bons won Bandwagon, Norway’s annual music competition for budding artists.  [1] The duo’s new single “Poor Old Billy” was shot in Målselva river in northern Norway in July, and features three male dancers braving the 6C waters, with a snow-peaked mountain in the background.  What does this crap mean? What are they trying to tell us? The three dancers are Inge Martin Helgelsen, Nils Foshaug and Lars Frihetsli from the Kartellet dance company based in Tromsø.  “It is impressive to see what they could do in the seven degree water. They were there for 20 minutes at a time for almost the whole day,” band member Kine Yvonne Berntsen told local newspaper i Tromsø. All they managed to say in order to describe their latest piece of art was this: “They are real, stout-hearted north Norwegian men in the stream.” [1] Wow… this is breathtaking. We are very much impress by such high valued skills involved and the deepness of this artistic endeavour. This is what Cultural Marxism is all about folks.  Getting a bunch of dudes naked with some music and call it “art.”

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