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The Feminist Initiative: The Feminazi’s Political Party is Now Aiming for the Sweedish Parliament feminist initiative 620x330

The Feminist Initiative: The Feminazi’s Political Party is Now Aiming for the Sweedish Parliament

The relatively new party Feminist Initiative (FI) did well in the EU-election in May this year, and according to the latest poll they may actually hit the 4% mark. This means they would get representives in the Swedish parliament, and would be part of the likely coalition with the leftist parties Socialdemokraterna, Vänsterpartiet and Miljöpartiet.

Now, the reason I use the word “loon” is because there really isn’t any nice word to describe it. A few highlights from their official party program:

  • Abolished military defense. Instead, international conflicts will by resolved by LGBT- and anti-racism spokespeople in peaceful dialogue. So if Putin invades, these enlightened people will simply make the Russian soldiers see the error of their way and go back home.
  • Mandatory “re-education” for men, so they change their lifestyle to a more feminine version, which supposedly is more ecologically sound. The program does not clarify whether this should be done in Gulag-type camps or not.
  • Open borders, with full welfare benefits and guaranteed support for life for everyone in the whole world who wants to move here. No background checks are needed either, meaning safe haven for the world’s criminals should the police get too close in their home countries.
  • New laws that makes it so the state can require an employer to hire more people, should the state deem it necessary. The employers need for manpower or ability to pay salaries is not a consideration.

Other highlights from the cuckoos nest:

  • Ban schools from giving homework.
  • Polygamy allowed.
  • No cars allowed in cities.
  • Mandatory reduction to six hour workdays (with full-time wages).
  • No grades in school.
  • Meat-free mondays.
  • Mandatory sex-ed in preschools.

Who could possibly come up with these ideas, you ask? Well, the party is spearheaded by a lady named Gudrun Schyman. She joined the Communist party in the early 70s and went on to become the party leader until a series of scandals forced her out.

Among other things, she was a severe alcoholic. When she was too drunk to find the exit in a packed theater, she simply squatted down and urinated on the floor in front of the terrified audience.

She was also convicted of tax fraud in the six-figure range. This from a person leading a party claiming to be fighting against greed and “The Capital”.

After being kicked out for being too embarassing even for Vänsterpartiet, she started FI. Her first major publicity stunt was setting fire to 100 000 SEK, supposedly to draw attention to income differences between men and women.

Strangely, FI has become a media darling during 2014, and has gone from obscurity to a likely part of the new government. There seems to be no logical explanation for this, but the free media exposure continues unabated in TV, radio and papers. God help us all.

[1] Loon party may get elected into government, The Sweden Report, September 5, 2014

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