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Government Official: “Too Many White People” in Pittsburgh

abbywilsom  Government Official: “Too Many White People” in Pittsburgh abbywilsom

Abby Wilson

According to Abby Wilson, the deputy director of the Department of Health’s Bureau of Public Policy and Community Relations in Allegheny County, there are too many White people in Pittsburgh.  She left Pittsburgh to work in South Africa and then study in the Netherlands, but now that she’s back, she wants to change it.  “My two main gripes (about Pittsburgh) are: too many white people and not enough public transportation,” said, according to NextPittsburgh.com. [5] “The homogeneity and provincialism that accompany working here frustrates me at times…”  Triblive.com contacted Wilson to ask her to clarify her comments.  “That was part of a much larger conversation,” she told Triblive, “(It was) a bit of a slip […] I don’t think there are too many white people in Pittsburgh […] It was taken out of context.” [2] When Triblive contacted NextPittsburgh, the author of the article defended Wilson, saying “too White people” is just another way of calling for “diversity”.  [2] Just what context are we suppose to take this in?  We are now in a world where being “too White” is bad, and “diversity” (a White minority) is the solution for every problems in our society. [1] This campaign is usually called “anti-racism”, but it only targets White areas, so it is in fact anti-White.  [1] The White Genocide blog had this to say about the topic: “Let us explain this thought: no one cares about “diversity” in a Black area or Asian area, and certainly no one is trying to turn Black or Asian people into a minority wherever they are the majority.   This entire “multiculturalism” and “diversity” scam is all about getting rid of White areas.  It’s White genocide plain and simple, because deliberately trying to make us a minority is legally defined as genocide.” [1]

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[2] Colin McNickle, ‘Too many white people’ in Pittsburgh?, Tribe Live, Friday – July 31, 2015


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