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Man Arrested for Throwing Dildos at Teenage Girls


Konrad Peters

Just when you thought that the derivative sex criminals of today had stopped coming up with new and innovative ways to terrorize their neighbors, along comes Konrad Peters.  [3] The 28-year-old Milwaukee resident had his own pervert way of gratification. He was thrilled to see how innocent young girls would react after seeing a sex toy. The Smoking Gun reported authorities arrested Peters for exposing children to harmful materials. [10] He was seen driving around and tossing a sex toy to the direction of teenage girls thrice already. The first recorded incident happened last month. According to Detective Jessica Wink, two 14-year-old girls reported a male driver left “a giant purple dildo” in their path.  A search warrant obtained by The Smoking Gun revealed that two girls told police September 8 that in a September 4 incident, a black car ‘would drive past the alley they were walking down and slow down as it drove by them.’ [8] At one point, the car ‘stopped about 100 feet in front of them,’ the warrant said. ‘The driver of the vehicle opened the driver side door and placed an unknown object on the ground. The driver then shut the door and proceeded to drive past the girls.’ The two girls inspected and found it to be a ‘giant purple dildo’ and told the police the man who put it there ‘was sitting there staring at them from his care with the driver’s side widow rolled down,’ the warrant said. The dildo was gone the next day, the girls told police. [8]  The same incident happened to a 15-year-old girl. She was walking home from a bust stop when a male driver threw a dildo towards her. Again, the man waited for the girl’s reaction, noted Wink. However, the young lady knew what to do. She copied part of the pervert’s car plate number. [1] Last week, a 13-year old girl reported to the police the same scenario for the third time. She was walking home for school when “a dildo was dropped out from the driver’s side of a vehicle.” She already spotted the car nearby her house, but “she walked past her house, because she was scared and didn’t want him to know where she lived.” [9] The dildo was photographed by the girl, and told her father what earlier happened during her walk. He reportedly looked at a garage security tape and later drove around to find the car. [8]  He spotted a black Honda that matched the suspect’s vehicle, copied its plate number and gave it to the police. Detective Wink reported the 2011 black Honda Civic was owned by Peters. [1] The police went to his residence, but Peters refused to be interrogated as advised by his lawyer. Police searched the home of Peters and discovered “33 dildos and multiple sex toys,” according to court documents that were obtained by The Smoking Gun. [4] [10] Thirty-three. That’s a lot of dildos for anyone, even if you’re tossing them out of car windows like they’re empty Big Gulps. [6] Police have arrested Peters, who has yet to answer any questions about the incidents. Questions like, “Why do you own so many dildos?” and, “Why are you throwing them at girls and then not really doing anything else?” That’s the oddest part about this whole thing. Peters throws a dildo, and there is no step two. He’s satisfied just to throw one of his 33 dildos at someone. [6] ‘All female juvenile victims were shown photo arrays to see if an identification could be made,’ the warrant said. The 15-year-old victim “identified Konrad Peters as the male party who she observed tossing the sex toy out of his car.”  Looks like Konrad here is…fucked. [5] It turns out that Peters is no stranger to law enforcement. He was cited in September for participating in an illegal street race on Wisconsin’s highway I-43. Then, at least, he had the decency to keep his dildos inside the car. [3]

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