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Man Arrested Driving His Car While Sucking On a Dildo

dildo-sucker-  Man Arrested Driving His Car While Sucking On a Dildo dildo sucker

Brian Wutschke

  A 30-year-old Minnesota woman was sitting at a crowded St. Paul bus stop when a man in a red truck pulled up in front of her. As the light turned green, the man sat parked in his vehicle obstructing traffic while several cars behind him honked their horns in frustration. The woman at the bus stop became concerned and looked into the window of the truck to see if everything was alright. She immediately noticed the driver – a Caucasian male, approximately 45-years old – passionately “performing oral sex on a white dildo.”  [2] [5] [6] Sgt. Steve Allen responded, and the concerned citizen pointed out the offending vehicle, which was driving out of a parking area at the park.   ‘Upon my approach to the driver’s door, the driver was the only occupant and was not wearing a seat belt,’ Allen said. [4] Allen approached further and noted “a flesh-colored dildo” on the passenger seat, according to the report. He says that when he asked the driver what he was doing, the man replied, “Sucking on a dildo, I’m sorry.” [1] [4] After pulling over Brian Wutschke, 45, of Farmington, police searched the interior of his truck and found a sex toy under a flannel shirt. They also noted several pairs of women’s panties strewn around the interior, including hanging from the rear-view Mirror and the gear shift.  When they performed a pat-down search of the man and reached “the waistline area,” officers could feel something vibrating. The man then informed them he also had a sex toy inserted inside him. [2] The officers removed the device as they were booking him but no one wanted to turn it off, so they just let the batteries die. [5]  Cops say this guy sucked.  [1] He also allegedly “admitted to having a problem with sex toys.”  [1] The man, whose name has been redacted from the report,  was booked on suspicion of two “gross misdemeanors,” indecent exposure and obscene materials and performance.  [5] Sadly for the man with the oral fixation, the cops confiscated the dildo and tagged it as evidence. [4]  But hey, at least he didn’t pay for hookers or engage in human sex trafficking, which presumably are worse offenses than toy-related fellatio. [7] Sex toys winding up thrust into the center of crime scenes is nothing new. In November, South Carolina woman Arteesha Donaldson misplaced her detachable latex penis, which sparked an argument between the woman and her girlfriend. Police were called when the dispute turned violent, with Donaldson allegedly throwing an ironing board at the other woman.   In April, Lisa Anderson of Watertown, New York allegedly violated the penal law by throwing a pink sex toy at a police officer.
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