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People Who Like Barbecues are Oppressing Women

bbqsexist Slate dumbass writer and self proclaimed “male feminist” Jacob Brogan thinks that men should feel guilty for enjoying the inherently misogynistic past time of grilling food on a BBQ and he wrote an entire article on the topic.  [1] Reading his paper, we are tempted to think that this is an article out of the Onion. Unfortunately this is not a parody. It’s just another illustration of the ‘everything is sexist/racist’ mental illness that has recently infected the public discourse. [1] According to the latest lunacy pushed by the liberal “social justice warriors” that are now trolling the entire Internet, it would seems that people who like barbecues are now oppressing women and perpetuating a phallocentric lifestyle that should have been abandonned a long time ago. In a completely ludicrous article published in the Guardian, a writer going by the name of Mike Power tells us all about the phallocratic psychological “oppression” that are generated by barbecues all around the world:

If there is anything less compelling but more oppressively penetrating than the conversation of four suburban men discussing how to light and then operate a barbecue, I have yet to hear it. [2]

According to Mike Power, all over the the world, “the barbecue is now one of the last places where even normal blokes become sexist.” [2] The whole business seems to have something to do with the caveman life-style and how the act of having a barbecue somehow make modern men regress to an ancestral sexist misogynistic patriarchal pahallocentric state of mind.  “The mythology of meat,” he reminds us, “is well marbled with machismo”:

What we have here is some kind of psychic counterpart to the Paleo diet, a biologically deterministic blizzard of bullshit that sees women as salad-spinners and men as the keepers of the grill, the tenders of the flame, lords and masters of the meat. It’s a sausage-fest out there, and it’s getting ugly. [2]

The problem is that barbecues are like “saussage parties”: they are not not “inclusive to women.”  Trying to explain this utter non-sense, Power tells his readers that “this grilled-food gender split is ubiquitous, odd and unacknowledged.” [2]  And if you have some doubts, Power suggest at least one crucial scientific test that women can conduct to prove his thesis:

At the next barbie you attend, grab the tongs and start cooking, and watch the eyebrows rise and the conversation level drop. [2]


You guessed right… we are all just a bunch of sexists. This horrible sexist attitude, he tells us,  is exemplified by the fact that “women at most barbecues in the UK, even those in liberal homes […]  are relegated to the chopping board. Grilled meat and steaks, the wider culture tells us, aren’t for girls.” [2]  All this matcho stuff is outdated, he tells us, because “several thousand years have passed since men had to kill our protein, make a fire, cook it and eat it.” [2]  Obviously this dumbo is not aware of the fact that feminism, no matter how powerful it is as a brainwashing device, hasn’t been able to rewrite human DNA yet.   That’s why his dumbed-down liberal mind want to know “why – do men continue to claim this sacred fire-space as a male-owned sanctuary where women are not ?” [2]  After reading that much absurdities, we are not surprised to see him conclude his idiotic article with a call for women to revolt and and a call for men to toss their salad:

 it’s time to call time on the blokey barbecue huddle, that sizzling scrum, this grim last resort of acceptable sexism. Women of the world, unite. Burn their aprons, light the flames and cook. And men, drop the Bear Grylls pretensions and make a bloody salad.


In his equally stupid Slate article subtitled, “I’m a feminist. I’m a dude. And I hate that I love to grill,” Jacob Brogan is saying almost the same thing, writting about  how much he’s “uncomfortable with the pleasure [he] take in something so conventionally masculine. [3] At such moments, he confesses, “I get the sense that I’ve fallen into a societal trap, one that reaffirms gender roles I’ve spent years trying to undo. The whole business feels retrograde, a relic of some earlier, less inclusive era.”  [3] Brogan worries that he is, “shoving others out of the way because it makes me feel like a man,” and that BBQs reinforce, “the stain of unintentional masculine cliché,” while TV commercials that depict only men behind the grill allow guys to, “confirm their masculinity by excluding women.”  [3] As far as I can tell, this is not an elaborate joke. Brogan actually thinks that men grilling food is inherently misogynistic.  He continues, arguing that “the masculine connotations of grilling are culturally specific, and hence culturally constructed” and that this, along with “aggressive bro culture” and “lack of child care support,” has led to fewer head chef roles for women in professional kitchens.  [3] “The association of grilling and masculinity partakes of a similar logic,” writes Brogan. [3] “Unlike most other traditionally “feminine” forms of domestic cooking, grilling typically happens outside, and hence in the public sphere. The putatively masculine quality of grilling may derive in part from the old public-private gender split. In that sense, it shares a common cause with the belief that women belong in the home.”  [3] In the brave new world imagined by social justice warriors, traditional gender roles of any kind whatsoever, even if they are completely harmless as in this case, are an evil patriarchal conspiracy and something that men must feel guilty and embarrassed about.  Earlier this week, we highlighted the inane blatherings of another male feminist – Michael Sonmore – who wrote about how he allows his wife, with whom he has children aged 3 and 6, to sleep with as many men as she likes, because insisting upon monogamy is “patriarchal oppression”.  Oh and by the way if you weren’t aware of it – ordering your steak “well done” is also racist. Now you have no excuses.

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