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Georgia To Create State’s First LGBT-Only ‘Pride School’

sodomy-pre-school  Georgia To Create State’s First LGBT-Only ‘Pride School’ sodomy pre schoolAccording to Centers for Disease Control’s National Health Information Survey, people claiming to be LGBTQ make up less than 5% of America. That’s a really small percentage. Since LGBTQ people are not able to reproduce naturally, they must either adopt or use a sperm donor to obtain a child. Once having procured the child, indoctrination must then begin if their ranks are ever going to grow. Now they say that they need their own school so training and indoctrination in the LGBTQ lifestyle will be seamless.  These poor kids will be relentlessly exposed to the queer lifestyle and bombarded with queer ideas and “values”. They won’t stand a chance. America in 2015 is a scary place, and getting more bizarre and fragmented with each passing day. Just wait until they add the “P” to the LGBTQ, and they absolutely will.  Even so, come Lord Jesus, and get us out of here…

ATLANTA  — Some Atlantans are joining forces trying to start a new private school where students from all walks of life — mainly those who are from gay, lesbian or transgender families can feel comfortable.

School organizers have already secured an in-town location but need more money to get the school off the ground. School organizers and others in the gay and lesbian community are trying to start Pride School Atlanta.

[1] Geoffrey Grider, Georgia To Create State’s First LGBT-Only ‘Pride School’ Starting At Pre-K, Now the End Begins, February 23, 2015

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