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Pornhub Launches a Robotic Twerking Butt with a VR Interface cyberskin lunacy 620x330

Pornhub Launches a Robotic Twerking Butt with a VR Interface

twerkingbutt-hed-2015  Pornhub Launches a Robotic Twerking Butt with a VR Interface twerkingbutt hed 2015 Pornhub has really outdone itself this time. After inventing a wearable that lets you charge your gadgets by jerking off, the popular purveyor of freemium pornography is now offering an uncanny robot butt that twerks. [7] It even comes with a virtual reality headset that offers “the first 3D cybersex experience.”  Made by Topco Sales, a sex-toy company, the butt comes with “multiple twerking patterns, customizable rhythms, massage speeds, sensual vibrations and simulated body heat, which can all be custom controlled with the included remote or via your smart phone/tablet (Android or iOS),” Pornhub says. [3]  The descriptively named Twerking Butt does more than just jiggle. [7] The twerking can be synced to the music, and it’s patente “CyberSkin” warms to 98.6 degrees while “providing ideal levels of friction, elasticity and softness that’s as near to the human sexual experience as possible,” says the brand. [3] “We can barely contain our excitement for the new TwerkingButt,” Pornhub’s vice president Corey Price said. [2]

I think we can honestly say that the release of our new product will mark a new benchmark in the convergence of emerging technology and immersive pleasure to deliver one of the most lifelike sexual simulation experiences on the market today. [2]

The new gadget comes in two models:

  • The Classic Version of this upside-down artificial ass features something called Cyberskin that heats up and vibrates as well as massages, in six different ways based on input from an included remote control or a corresponding mobile app.
  • Then you’ve got the Deluxe Version which PornHub claims is capable of “endless twerking settings.”  Both the Classic and Deluxe TwerkingButt include a VR headset for the aforementioned immersive cybersex experience.

If you spring for the Deluxe version, you get some actual twerking action. Sorry, the Classic version of the Twerking Butt does not actually twerk.[1] That’s a bit dull since you end up just fucking a still, disembodied rubber ass like it was the middle ages. [2] So… don’t be a “cheap-ass” and go Delux.

As for the content itself, Pornhub isn’t currently hosting 360 videos and other virtual reality experiences, but a Pornhub representative told Motherboard that the company is currently developing this capability and that it will launch soon. [2]  Until then, but there’s a few other purveyors of VR porn on the internet. VirtualRealPorn has a fair number of 180 degree videos, VirtualPorn360 just launched with some 360 degree videos, and I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to use TwerkingButt in conjunction with any number of other sexy virtual worlds, such as Chathouse 3D, which is like World of Warcraft but for hooking up. “We think there is a bright future for VR in the adult industry,” Pornhub told Motherboard in an email. “We are currently conceptualizing ways to make it accessible to the masses. In regards to a common problem, as of right now there is a lack of VR content. However we are slow[ly] seeing more adult content producers jumping on board, so that issue won’t be one for long!” [2]

For the next week, Pornhub is offering the Classic and Deluxe versions for $500 and $800, respectively. (They’ll be $700 and $1,000 thereafter.) Both TwerkingButts also include a water jet for cleaning up after the fun.

twerkingbutt-logo  Pornhub Launches a Robotic Twerking Butt with a VR Interface twerkingbutt logo

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