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Sarkozy and the New World Order

Nicolas Sarkozy: A Personal Friend of Canadian Billionaire Paul Desmarais

sarko-desmarais Sarkozy and the New World Order Sarkozy and the New World Order sarko desmarais

Sarkozy and Canadian Billionaire Paul Desmarais

It doesn’t take very much digging to find out for whom Nicolas Sarkozy really works for.  First of all he is not shy about the fact that he owe much of his political carreer to the one of the main head of the canadian branch of the New World Order, M. Paul Desmarais.  Born in the Northern Ontario mining town of Sudbury in 1927, Desmarais was one of Canada’s most powerful figures, straddling the worlds of business and politics. He build Power Corp. into one of Canada largest conglomerates. A series of smart moves resulted in the creation of a holding company that in 1968 made a share-exchange offer with Power Corp. With his company’s diversified holdings in insurance, transportation, paper, media, and financial services, Desmarais was one of the most notable members of his province’s business elite, often referred to as Quebec Inc.

 If I am president today, I owe in part to the advice, friendship and loyalty of Paul Desmarais. A man invited me to his family in Quebec. We walked for long hours in the forest, and he said: “it is necessary that you cling, you can do it, we need a strategy that we build for you.[1]

Similarly, after his failure in the election of 2012, Sarkozy will be eager to go “take a vacation in Canada.” This proximity could explain the reversal of Sarkozy on the GDF-Suez merger, which he initially opposed but strongly interested the Frère familly of Belgium and Desmarais himself. [2]  He would later grant the man the highest distinction of the French State, the Grand Cross of the Legion of Honor. France’s highest order of merit that was established by Napoleon in 1802. Other recipients include Lech Walesa and Alexander of Russia.  Only 61 people were eligible for this award. Sarkozy, in 2011, pushed the circus to the point to raise also Desmarais’ wife, Jacqueline. [3] Demarais have sealed a couple blood alliances over the years with the influencial and powerful, one of son is married to former Prime Minister of Canada Jean Chretiens’ daughter and his own dauglter would later wed belgian prince, Hadrien de Croÿ-Roeulx.  A great deals of  Canadian Prime Ministers sympathetic to “globalism” and to the  New World Order have, at one time or another, worked for his principal compagny, Power Corporation.  It’s well known in Canada that Desmarais was frequently dealing with the most prominent New World Order protagonists like Jame Baker III, Henry Kissinger and members of the Bush crime family.

Sarkozy Return France into NATO

NATO-sarko Sarkozy and the New World Order Sarkozy and the New World Order NATO sarkoAnother main indicator about the “who” Sarkozy is really working for is given in the fact that he was the one who had enacted his country’s reintegration into all structures of the Atlantic alliance. Mr Sarkozy confirmed the decision in a speech to defence experts at the Ecole Militaire staff college in Paris. Citing his “responsibility for the nation’s strategic decisions” and noting that strategic conditions in the world have changed considerably, Sarkozy pledged France’s “full commitment” at the side of its partners — 43 years after former President and General Charles de Gaulle withdrew France from the Atlantic alliance.  France’s reintegration into NATO creates a largely symbolic orientation, with which Sarkozy, a committed friend of the United States (and Israel), seeks to liberate himself from the doubts of his European friends. But with this one-sided diplomatic move, Sarkozy was merely promoting France’s interests.  Nevertheless, Sarko’s turnaround represents a “break ” with tradition. NATO, created after World War II, on April 4, 1949, was an allied organization designed to defend the West against the Soviet Union and serve as a counterweight against the Warsaw Pact. France was a founding member of the North Atlantic Treaty Alliance.  The French withdrawal from NATO’s integrated military and leadership structures took place in March 1966, because de Gaulle refused to allow the French armed forces to submit to US command. It was the middle of the Cold War, and the fact that La Grande Nation, which had just become a nuclear power, was going it alone was perceived as a destabilizing maneuver.  But the separation was not destined to last forever. In fact, France’s subsequent rapprochement with NATO took place in stages. By 1992, France had joined the NATO operations in Kosovo, and French troops later participated in military campaigns in Afghanistan. In 1996, Paris said that it would re-establish a permanent military mission to NATO, and in 2004 French military officials were once again part of the NATO command. Since then, the French flag has fluttered in front of NATO headquarters once again, and today more than 4,000 French soldiers are deployed on NATO missions worldwide. Analysts say France has actually been gradually moving closer to the heart of Nato since the end of the Cold War.  Now Paris has definitively put an end to the “French exception” and is turning its back on an “anti-American” reflex.  France’s “independence” from Nato is dearly treasured by many French, and Mr Sarkozy’s move has provoked a furore among those who worry it will now have to bow to US dominance.  The great fear in Paris, is that France will now be at the beck and call of the US, and may well be dragged into conflicts in which it did not want to be involved. “Nothing today justifies returning to Nato military command,” said the leader of the opposition Socialists, Martine Aubry. [4]  But of course, US officials and top brass military officers are extatic about the announcement.

We are delighted that after a 43-year absence, France is back where it belongs  – Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell [5]

The 2009 Speech at the United Nations

sarko-un Sarkozy and the New World Order Sarkozy and the New World Order sarko unSo, as we have just seen, Nicolas Sarkozy is very well attuned with the main ideology of the anglo-american establishment.  In his first address to the General Assembly, French President Nicolas Sarkozy said that “the United Nations should avail itself as an instrument for a “new world order of the 21st century.”  [6] Sarkozy, who won the presidency on a strong reform platform to modernize France, urged the world body to embark on programmes ranging from equal wealth distribution to fighting corruption in his speech full of references to France’s past revolutionary ideals. He told the General Assembly.

“It’s the first time that I express myself in the name of France to this stand (UN assembly); it’s for me a solemn moment, a touching moment. It’s a veritable new deal to a worldwide scale, which is necessary, a new deal, ecological and economical. In the name of France, I call upon all states to join ranks in order to found the new world order of the 21st century on the notion that the common goods that belong to all of humankind must be the common responsibility for us all.” [7]

According to Sarkozy, the UN should ensure access for all human beings to vital resources, such as water, energy, food, medication and knowledge, he said. He called for “more morality” in “financial capitalism” and a fairer distribution of profits, earnings in commodities, raw materials and new technologies.

There must be a change of mindset and behaviour,” Sarkozy said in a long list of demands to the international community. [8]

“2009 can be the year of the birth of a new capitalism, of a new world order […] I call all gouvernment, no one of us will be safe making its own politic individually isolated of what the others are doing.  We will go together towards this new world order, and nobody, I’m well telling that nobody will be able to oppose himself against it. Because around the world, the forces being on duty for the change are considerably stronger than the conservatisms, the immobilism and the opposition to progress.” [9]

“This crisis will mark without any doubt the history, the real begining of the 21st century the very moment which everybody would have understood that it’s time to change, time to give a new face to globalization, time to build a new world order, political, economical, social, based on the principles and some new rules based on new principles and new rules. […]  The world summit for to refound the capitalism, it’s the Europe which proposed it. The new world order, it’s around the proposition of the europe that it will be built.” [10]

According to Henry Kissinger himself, “President Sarkozy has made an invaluable contribution to shaping a new world order at a moment when major transformations are taking place simultaneously on all continents.” [11]

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