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Miley Cirus, Sex & Furries: A Stepping Stone to Bestiality? Miley Cirus, Sex & Furries: A Stepping Stone to Bestiality? sex with furries1 620x330

Miley Cirus, Sex & Furries: A Stepping Stone to Bestiality?

Miley Cirus and the “Baby Steps” Towards Bestiality

screwing-furies Miley Cirus, Sex & Furries: A Stepping Stone to Bestiality? Miley Cirus, Sex & Furries: A Stepping Stone to Bestiality? screwing furies

I wonder what that beast is trying to go to Miley? Do you think your kid can explain it to me?

We realized Miley Cyrus had a thing for teddy bears after watching her video for We Can’t Stop.  But we didn’t know she was THIS into her furry friends! [1]  She have them in her videos and they even follow her on tour. At the VMA, Miley performed surrounded by a swarm of larger than life stuffed animals. As she sang “We Can’t Stop”, she proceeded to hug, hump, straddle, and grind against these giant teddy bears. It was a twisted image of combining childhood toys with sex. A stuffed animal is no longer a symbol of a child’s comfort and safety. Now it’s just another way to arouse an adult’s sexual interest.  [4] Miley Cyrus is now introducing “Furries” into mainstream culture.  And the cute little Miley have her own way to get to your kids.  You see, Miley Cyrus is not just a 20-year-old being overtly sexual, she is a FORMER CHILD STAR 20-year-old being overtly sexual. [3]  This is a big difference. The kids sees their own evolution as being sort of “parralel” as   Miley’s.  They see themselves as going through the same transitions.  From there the question we should ask, according to Henry Makow, is when does twerking around Teddy Bears become yiffing, and yiffing become bestiality? [2] Common sense would tell us that pretending to lick a Teddy Bear’s anus is the kind of thing that should be in Sex Ed class or anything, but what do you think a teenager of either gender is actually thinking about when they hear a song like, oh, Get This? Non-phallic-shaped ice cream and adopting puppies? Miley Cyrus is not suddenly selling sex, she is suddenly selling more of it and suddenly being open about selling it and suddenly deciding the terms on which she will sell it. [3] After having simulated on stage all the possible sex acts of the human repertoire, getting into furry-sex may be a normal step of evolution for her at this stage of her career. No doubt, it is a small step from having sex dressed as an animal, to having sex with real animals, Henry Makow tells us.  [2] That being said, by getting that much into furries Miley Cyrus is introducing your kids to a whole new alternative lifestyle that may seem a bit strange to most conventional person.

The Fury Fandom

furrycirus Miley Cirus, Sex & Furries: A Stepping Stone to Bestiality? Miley Cirus, Sex & Furries: A Stepping Stone to Bestiality? furrycirusFurry fandom, also known as furrydom, furridom, fur fandom or furdom, refers to the fandom for the furry genre of literature, art and entertainment. Furry fandom is also used to refer to the community of artists, writers, role players and general fans of the furry art forms who gather on the net and at conventions. Members of the furry fandom, known as furry fans, furfans, furries, or furs, particularly enjoy media that includes fictional anthropomorphic animal characters with human personalities and characteristics. [5] Examples of anthropomorphic attributes include exhibiting human intelligence and facial expressions, the ability to speak, walking on two legs, and wearing clothing. Characters that morph between human and animal form are also considered by some to be part of the genre. Even certain superheroes with animal derived powers are considered of furry interest by some fans. [5] The general idea being a combination of human and animal attributes, for which there is no documented science regarding what degrees of mixture are required. Even characters like Josie and the Pussycats are considered of interest to furry fandom, though they only wear costumes with animal ears and tails. [5] The Furry Community also attracts people who have furry or animal related fetishes and are looking for avenues to express their sexual fantasies without condemnation. Unfortunately for the artistic types the sexual deviants within the furry population are getting the limelight. [2] [5]

The Fury Alternative Lifestyle

fury-life-style Miley Cirus, Sex & Furries: A Stepping Stone to Bestiality? Miley Cirus, Sex & Furries: A Stepping Stone to Bestiality? fury life styleThe furry lifestyle, lived by those who call themselves “lifestylers” involves a more pronounced expression of what the Furry Fandom means to them in real life through their actions and beliefs. [5] Lifestylers tend to identify more strongly than typical furries with their furry avatars, and often act out animalistic behaviors of them. For example, a wolf furry lifestyler might go out barefoot to howl at the moon, and an otter lifestyler might spend much of the day swimming. Often this is coupled with a strong belief in an animal totem, and many lifestylers feel their avatar’s spirit selected them instead of them selecting their avatar of choice. [5]  Obviously, living a furry lifestyle requires a fursuit. Unless a person has the skills to make their own fursuit they will have to buy one. Fursuits can easily cost thousands of dollars for off the shelf models and even more for custom designs. Some suits have cooling fans and other modifications to provide “creature comforts” for the wearer.  The furry lifestyle is considered an alternate lifestyle and they have support groups and special housing at some colleges. They are even allowed to wear fursuits in the classroom. [2] Fursuiting and other costuming are popular with lifestylers, as are verbalizations such as “Murr” and “Meef” that express their furriness. Furry lifestylers have a few distinct subgroups, such as the barepaws and the old TLKIAWOLers (A Lion King oriented version of FIAWOL or Fandom Is A Way Of Life). [5]

Sex , Furries and Bestiality…

328465 Miley Cirus, Sex & Furries: A Stepping Stone to Bestiality? Miley Cirus, Sex & Furries: A Stepping Stone to Bestiality? 328465Some furries consider themselves to be male or female, whereas others are asexual. Some furries engage in “yiffing” which is mostly simulated sex while wearing fursuits according to the Urban Dictionary. Other furries actually engage in real sex while  wearing fursuits. [2] The free atmosphere of acceptance in the furry community makes it far more likely for members to be open about their sexual preferences. [6]  As such, most non-furries believe that nearly all furry fans are gay. [6] Recent surveys suggest that the percentage of homosexuals and bisexuals in the fandom may be higher than in the general population. Furries have proposed various theories for this. Confessions of more unusual sexuality and lifestyle have also been noted in the furry community, and though the majority of furry fans will attempt to be tolerant, certain sexual practices will stretch the tolerance of certain furry fans to the breaking point. In particular, discussion of bestiality is a trigger for angry debate within the community. [5] Many insist that absolute tolerance must be absolute, while others resent the association of the fandom with a practice that is not only illegal in many places, but is considered by many to be a form of animal abuse. [5] Bestiality is an act involving human-animal sexual relations. Various jurisdictions in many countries have laws on the books to prohibit bestiality, either explicitly as in a Washington, USA law, [7] or implicitly as part of existing animal abuse or sodomy laws.  [5] A study of mostly United States furry convention attendees back in 1999-2000 listed zoophiles at about 2% of those surveyed, but doesn’t appear to differentiate between zoophiles and bestialists. [5] Because of these two hallmarks of the current fandom — tolerance and the protection of real life animals — acceptance of bestialitists is a hotly contested topic of the furry community. Another practice that sparks controversy from within the fandom itself is plushophilia. Though plushophilia is physically harmless, being confronted with it causes extreme reactions on both sides of the issue within the fandom — from total acceptance to outright disgust. Anyone who doubts this only needs to type “fursuit f**king” in Google or another search engine and look at the images. Henry Makow said that he “would not be the least surprised if there are some furries involved in Satanism that engage in even more deviant sexual activities. Satanism is based on the assumption that people are nothing but animals.” [2]

 The Animal Role Playing Phenomenon

furriesxx Miley Cirus, Sex & Furries: A Stepping Stone to Bestiality? Miley Cirus, Sex & Furries: A Stepping Stone to Bestiality? furriesxx

Living the “furry lifestyle”

Closely related to the furry phenomenon is animal role playing   and pony play which is a variation on sadomasochism, bondage and discipline.  Although some tribal societies practiced animal role playing in ceremony and dance, modern day practitioners do it more for erotic and sexual fetish purposes. [2] Animal role playing and pony play  devotees seem to be older than those who live the furry lifestyle. Their costumes do not cover the body as much and are more bondage and discipline oriented. Many groups such as the Los Angeles Pony and Critter Club have websites and planned activities and participate in parades and other events such as fox hunts and agility contests. [2]  Not surprisingly there is a shadow industry that supplies the props and tack for the pony players such as bridles and halters and also hoof boots. You can also get reviews of these props and equipment prior to purchase.

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