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Teacher Arrested For Giving Two Students Weed Brownies Teacher Arrested For Giving Two Students Weed Brownies pot brownies teacher idiot 620x330

Teacher Arrested For Giving Two Students Weed Brownies

pothead-teacher Teacher Arrested For Giving Two Students Weed Brownies Teacher Arrested For Giving Two Students Weed Brownies pothead teacher

English teacher, Camille Brennan

Well, they don’t call it “high” school for nothing. Some teachers these days seem to be too concerned with being the “cool teacher,” and maybe not focusing on making sure that students receive the optimal knowledge and discipline from their time at high school. This Louisiana teacher got high grades attempting to be the popular teacher by handing out pot brownies to her students.  [9] A Louisiana high school English teacher was arrested for giving two students pot brownies. According to The Times-Picayune, the 29-year-old English teacher, Camille Brennan, gave the treats to the underage female students of Archbishop Hannan High School during school hours on May 1.  [14]  “English classes are designed to serve students well beyond the confines of the English classroom,” the school’s curriculum guide notes, apparently very accurately. [4] Sheriff’s Capt. George Bonnett said the incident happened May 1, and the parents of one of the girls found out about the brownies that evening and informed school officials immediately.  [15] That’s what you get for trying to engage your students in the far out journey that is sophomore English. [11] Brennan got her undergraduate and graduate degrees at Spring Hill College in Mobile, Alabama. The school describes itself as the first Catholic college in the southeast and the country’s third oldest Jesuit college. [10] In a letter to parents last month, the Rev. Charles Latour, the school’s principal, said he then asked the sheriff’s office to investigate.  Reverend Charles Latour, the school’s principal, then contacted police, who arrested the New Orleans resident on May 21 after she turned herself in.  [1] As she was questioned by debuties, Brennan admitted to handing out the brownies, reports The Smoking Gun. [10] She resigned from her position shortly after the investigation was launched. [1] [5] [6] Brennan’s attorney, Tim Upton, released a statement Thursday afternoon that said he had not received any evidence that a crime was committed.  “At this time, my client has simply requested that we fully cooperate with our judicial system in every capacity,” Upton wrote. [3]

mrsbrennan Teacher Arrested For Giving Two Students Weed Brownies Teacher Arrested For Giving Two Students Weed Brownies mrsbrennanFinally, Brennan was charged with two counts of distribution of marijuana and two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile.  [14] Rev. Latour sent an email to parents on Thursday explaining Brennan’s arrest. The email said, The care and safety of your sons and daughters is a priority I hold sacred. [1] [15] The investigation is ongoing and may lead to additional charges for Brennan. Neither Latour nor Archdiocese of New Orleans spokeswoman Sara McDonald would provide details about the case. “I’m not at liberty to talk about it,” Latour said. [14] “Please understand that because this is a police investigation, I have no further information regarding this situation,” Latour wrote. “However, rest assured I will continue to update you when the need to communicate additional information regarding this matter arises. Because of the delicate nature of this matter, I ask that you share this information with your Archbishop Hannan student as you see fit. “I ask your prayers for our entire school community.” [14] Meanwhile, nobody batted an eyelash as millions of adults across the country administered prescription speed to their young charges. [11]

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