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Ohio Man Calls Police to Report that his Wife Stole his Cocaine 911 idiot 620x330

Ohio Man Calls Police to Report that his Wife Stole his Cocaine

collins  Ohio Man Calls Police to Report that his Wife Stole his Cocaine collins

Robert Collins

This is possibly the worst possible thing that can happen to a drug dealer — aside from becoming addicted to whatever it is he’s pushing and cutting into the profit line — has to be getting flat-out robbed. Just having your stash taken from right under your nose, sometimes in a literal sense. [16] Everybody know that Police are there to protect and serve. That’s why 39-year-old Robert Collins called 911, except his story has a few unusual twists. Collins called police to report something was stolen, and that his wife did it. She didn’t steal money, jewelry, or anything legal for that matter. She allegedly stole his cocaine and Robert wanted it back. [1] He starts off by telling the dispatcher, “Me and my wife had a misunderstanding about something I bought. I bought some cocaine earlier and she wanted to take my cocaine, and then she (unintelligible).” [11] The conversation drifts away from the line and into presumably the living room where Collins spouts off quite a few “fucks” and “shits” as the 911 operator waits patiently. It was only around the 2:55 mark (embedded below) that the caller returned to the line and realized who he had called in the first place. [14] When the dispatcher replied that he was talking to the police, the man sounded a bit upset.[13] It got real when the dispatcher asked for his name, and he said, “Robert Collins. Who’s this?” “The police department. You called 911.” “No.” [11] But as you might expect, the police were more than happy to help him out. [13]

As strange as the call might have sounded to police, they still responded. But when they showed up to the house, Robert must have had a change of heart, because he refused to tell police why he initially called 911. [1] [2] Cocaine or not, Robert made getting busted easy for the cops because he also had a marijuana pipe in his possession.  Collins, who was seemingly wearing a Korn shirt at the time, was arrested on misdemeanor charges of possession of drug paraphernalia and improper use of the 911 system.  That’s how Robert became CW39’s Dumbass of the Day! [1]  Police did not say whether the allegedly stolen cocaine was recovered.  [7] Life really wasn’t all that peachy for Collins, according to the online case docket, Collins failed to pay a $25 fine and $589 worth of costs associated with a speeding and driving under suspension case as well as completing court-ordered supervised community service. [10] Collins was taken into custody and then transported to Stark County Jail, where he was booked and released on his own recognizance.  Alliance Municipal Court Judge Andrew J. Zumbar will arraign Collins at 1 p.m. Friday. If convicted of these latest charges, he faces up to 60 days in jail plus $500 in fines. [7] [10]

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