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Arrested for Pointing Laser Beam at Cars, Police Find Pot in his Butt ass weed idiot 620x330

Arrested for Pointing Laser Beam at Cars, Police Find Pot in his Butt

colon  Arrested for Pointing Laser Beam at Cars, Police Find Pot in his Butt colon

Jesse Roepcke

Somewhere in Volusia County, Florida, a 27-year-old with an exceptionally loose rectum was arrested after marijuana fell out of his ass on Sunday. [7]  But, unlike that one guy whose butthole apparently reeked of weed, authorities did not discover Jesse Roepcke’s stash on account of its natural scent. [7] Ormand Beach Police clinked Roepcke (see mugshot) after a police unit stopped the moving vehicle in which he was riding passenger. Another driver had called 911 with a complaint that someone from a moving vehicle was shining a laser pointer at other drivers.  [7]  Pretty interesting guy we have here. Some people might think that this “laser-pointer phase” had died out, but apparently they are still in business and people like Jesse Roepcke still take joy in riding around town and trying to blind people who are driving. Just good ol’ fashioned fun. Nothing like when that mom in the mini van is making a turn and you hit her right in the eye ball with a laser pointer and she goes barreling across traffic. [5] According to Click Orlando, the arresting officer questioned both Roepcke and his driver, 28-year-old Brandie Tate, about the laser pointer. When the officer asked Tate if she knew why she was stopped, she answered “because Jesse was shining the laser light at people and I told him not to.” [2] Jesse told the cops he was just having fun and didn’t know blinding people behind the wheel was illegal. [1] When Jesse was booked, officers searched him and were in for a surprise when, according to WFTV Channel 9,  the “pot falls from man’s rectum” and was then confiscated. [8]  Jesse  reportedly had 18 grams of marijuana stuffed in there.  [1] That begs the question- was he driving around with the weed up his ass the entire time, or once he got pulled over he decided he wanted to sneak weed into jail? Like some people put weed in their glove box, he just goes right for his own anus. It’s more likely though that he was taking the fall for his girlfriend and shoved it all up in his ass. [5] According to police, officers also found a device for smoking marijuana on Roepcke and that it tested positive for cannabis.[8]  The suspect was taken to Volusia County jail. Jail records show that Roepcke was charged with pointing a laser light at a driver, possession of paraphernalia and other related drug charges. [8] He was ordered held in lieu of $4,250 bail. [6]

[8] Police: Bag of pot falls from man’s rectum following arrest, WFTV, 12:40 p.m. Monday, April 6, 2015


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