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Florida Man Stabs His Own Brother Over Macaroni & Cheese


Randy Zipperer

We’ve all been there. Something happens and we get angry. I’ve even heard people say that they were mad enough to kill someone. Personally, We can get angry enough to fight but, I don’t that a lot of us would go for the kill, especially someone from your family. Well, maybe Randy Zipperer had been pushed too far, because he got so mad at his brother that he stabbed him in the stomach. [1]  Daytona Beach News-Journal reports that 49-year-old Zipperer of Volusia County, Fla. and his 47-year-old brother Edward started arguing over Randy’s missing macaroni and cheese.  No good deed goes unpunished – as Edward had been helping his brother search for the elusive mac and cheese when he tipped over the open beer that Randy had been drinking.  [12] Well, I guess that put the icing on the cake, because this made Randy even angrier… So angry that he ended up putting a knife into his younger brothers stomach. The incident occurred at a Danforth Avenue home Tuesday at 10:12 p.m., deputies said. When deputies arrived at the home they saw that Edward had a small puncture wound in his abdomen and they saw that there was a trail of blood between the kitchen and the bedroom. [1] [2] Randy admitted to the officers that, “I poked him a little with the knife, but I didn’t mean to.”  [1] Really, Randy?  According to the Daytona Beach News-Journal, deputies found Randy Zipperer standing in the front yard of the house where the stabbing had occurred. [5] [16] He immediately began apologizing to deputies, saying it was an accident, an arrest report shows.  Deputies recovered a 6-inch knife with blood on the tip nearby. [5] [8] Maybe it was all about the alcohol that was being consumed and not that much about the macaroni and cheese after all, huh?  According to Mugshots.com, the police report notes that while Randy apologized to police for his actions, he also threatened to beat his brother when he gets out jail. [5] Randy, who has been arrested on numerous occasions over the past ten years, was arrested and has been charged with aggravated assault and obstructing an officer without violence. Randy will likely spend enough time in custody where he’ll get a jailhouse meal – perhaps a bologna sandwich on enriched white bread and a bowl of macaroni and cheese, sans the beer. Between the legal fees and Edward’s medical bills, I’m sure Randy will eventually realize the ridiculousness and expense of the ordeal. [12]

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