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PETA Demands Bar Change Its Name Because ‘Ye Olde Fighting Cocks’ Is Offensive to Chickens

peta-chickenSince it was founded in the eighth century, Britain’s oldest pub has had many names – but since 1872, the St Albans establishment has been known as Ye Olde Fighting Cocks because of its history of cockfighting, a blood sport that has been illegal in the UK since the 1800s. Founded in the 700’s, The Guinness Book of World Records recognizes it as Britain’s oldest pub. Unfortunately this jewel of local folklore may lose its name if the U.K. branch of People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals has their way. [2] This bar had already been operating under the name ‘Ye Olde Fighting Cocks’ for 108 years before the stuffy pissants at PETA even began to exist. [3] But this doesn’t bother the lunatics from PETA who sent a letter to the oldest bar in Britain on Monday demanding that it change its historic name because “Ye Olde Fighting Cocks” is offensive to chickens.  [1]


PETA director Mimi Bekhechi

According to PETA, however, history just doesn’t matter when it comes to something this serious. PETA director Mimi Bekhechi said the name should be changed to “Ye Olde Clever Cocks” because that would “celebrate chickens as the intelligent, sensitive and social animals they are,” according to an article in the Mirror. [8] “Today, kind people are appalled by the thought of forcing birds to fight to the death and more people than ever are making the compassionate choice not to eat chickens, either,” she added. [8] “We understand that the pub has long been called Ye Olde Fighting Cocks and that there may be some resistance to making a name change, but just as many pubs with names tied to slavery changed their names to match modern sensibilities, so it’s high time for The Cocks to change,” the group’s special-projects manager Dawn Carr said in a letter, according to the Herts Advertiser. [1]  Do these people really expect the rest of us to take this crap seriously? Yes they do.  Carr added that the name change would “encourage people to rethink the way that we treat chickens and grant these birds the respect and kindness that they deserve.” [1]  In its letter, PETA notes that chickens have unique personalities and sophisticated social behaviour. They mourn when they lose a loved one, have distinct vocalisations that they use to communicate with each other, and woo one another through elaborate mating dances. But chickens raised and killed for food spend their lives inside cramped cages or sheds, and many have their throats slit when they’re still conscious and able to feel pain. [3] [12]


PETA even had the audacity to propose a new logo for the establishment

PETA – whose motto reads, in part, that “animals are not ours to eat or to abuse in any other way” – is also offering to supply the establishment with enough animal-free mock chicken to feed a hungry pub crowd and, as the group writes, “give everyone the taste of chicken without any of the cruelty and killing”. The group concludes its letter by saying, “When it comes to chickens, be a lover, not a fighter – go faux, not foe!” [3] 12] A poll run in a local paper showed that 61% did not want the name changed but 39% do! Social media responses are much more negative and other polls are running 95% against the name change. [7] [8] Alasdair Melville used to work at the pub and is a former pupil of St Albans School. The 31-year-old said: “Rather than worrying about the name of a pub, I think PETA should worry about looking after chickens at chicken farms for example. [8 [9] “There is a better way to make a point.” Mr Melville, who owns estate agents Hawk and Chadwick, added: “If the pub were to change its name, where does it end? “I do not associate the name with cock fighting, I associate with the history. “St Albans is great place in which to work and live because it’s steeped in history.” Esme Rice has lived in the city for 20 years and said the pub was a landmark. [8] Another regular, Robert Oakhill, 71, of Dexter Close, said: “The thing that appals me is the total lack of appreciation of history. “The current name informs us about the past. It enables us to contemplate the great advances that have been made. [8]

In their official letter, PETA UK representative Dawn Carr says:

I hope this message finds you well. I’m writing on behalf of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) to propose that Ye Olde Fighting Cocks pub in St Albans adopt a new name: Ye Olde Clever Cocks to reflect society’s rejection of needless violence and help celebrate a fascinating but often abused and misunderstood animal, the chicken.

The name Ye Olde Fighting Cocks calls to mind the violence and gore of cockfighting, a hideous blood sport so cruel that it has been outlawed in the UK. A change of name to Ye Olde Clever Cocks would help highlight the fact that chickens are intelligent, sensitive and super social animals much like your punters! [2]

The bar has responded with a loud BULLOCKS to the animal rights wackjobs:

Firstly, we would just like to go on record and say that we are big fans of the work PETA do, their campaign for banning fur was spot on and something they managed magnificently. However, when it comes to the naming of historic English pubs, on this occasion, we think we might have pass them up on the offer of help!In all the conversations that we have both been part of and witnessed today, whether it was social media or the radio phone in that we were part of on the JVS show this morning, one thing has stood out and that is the overwhelming support we have from everyone in the area and we assure you that the love is mutual! [2]

Thankfully, the owner of the pub is pretty much laughing in PETA’s face about this whole thing. Basically, PETA doesn’t know just how stupidly hilarious they really are.  PETA has been a worldwide laughing stock since its beginning, but this story is particularly illuminating because for the first time the group is claiming that animals, like humans, can be offended.  No chickens, of course, are physically harmed by the pub’s name. The issue here is emotional damage, which apparently chickens can now feel. [6] Here is what the staff writer of Chicks on the Right had to say about this lunacy: “Has anyone from PETA ever spent any amount of time around chickens? Do they seem like the kind of creatures who get offended about ANYTHING? ‘Cause the chickens I’ve known in my life (and growing up on a farm, I’ve known plenty of chickens) – I think they’re pretty secure in their chicken-ness to not be bothered by this.” [5] She is quite right, Chickens are dumb. That being said, I don’t think I’d have to try to hard to convince the average American that die-hard PETA activists are some of the looniest bunch of wackos you’ll encounter on the planet. [4] Can you even believe that PETA actually went public claiming that the name of a bar as old as time is offensive to birds who don’t even have the ability to fly, which is like the ONLY thing birds should be able to do? This is just insane!  In any cases, if any of you bros live within traveling distance of that pub, we suggest that you get to St. Albans / Ye Olde Fighting Cocks NOW, and show your support by downing some pints. [3]

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