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Bras Are Now Racist Because they Come in ‘Nude’ Bras Are Now Racist Because they Come in ‘Nude’ racist bras 620x330

Bras Are Now Racist Because they Come in ‘Nude’

racistttt-bras Bras Are Now Racist Because they Come in ‘Nude’ Bras Are Now Racist Because they Come in ‘Nude’ racistttt brasA college-paper editorial board declares bras and Band-Aids an example of white privilege. The editorial board of a college newspaper has declared that bras are racist because they come in colors named “nude,” since non-white people’s skin isn’t that color when they’re nude. “How would it make you feel that the fashion industry and society at large has based its ideal of nude on Caucasian people? That the color of your skin doesn’t count as ‘nude’?” asks the staff editorial, published by the Oklahoma Daily, the official newspaper of the University of Oklahoma. [3] The board used the same reasoning to conclude that that “nude” makeup, “flesh-colored” clothing, and Band-Aids were also racist. The piece referred to the bra color name as one of the “subtle examples of racism” — often referred to as a “microaggression” — that apparently runs rampant in our society today. The board apparently intended to use the piece as a way to encourage Americans to fight against this injustice. “We encourage all of our readers to think critically about the small instances of racial bias they encounter each and every day,” the editorial said. [3]

Apparently, in an effort to quell the unfortunate nature of white privilege, Liberals have targeted that of “nude” or “flesh-colored,” bras. According to the left-leaning editorial:

Imagine this: you are a young African American woman who has run to the local department store to grab a “nude” colored bra to wear under a sheer outfit, say a game-day dress or a work interview blouse. But when you get to the store there is no “nude” lingerie, at least not for you. Bras in slightly different shades of pale peach abound, but there are few to no options for darker-skinned women and they aren’t advertised as nude-colored. How would it make you feel that the fashion industry and society at large has based its ideal of nude on Caucasian people? That the color of your skin doesn’t count as “nude?” [3]

What they don’t realize is that those bra’s really don’t match the skin tone of anyone – that is, unless you’re of unnaturally yellowish tan skin tone for some reason. Either way the idiocy of this claim is rather self-evident in that it’s almost come to the point of desperation. [13] [18] The Chicks on the Right had this to say about this lunacy: “Seriously? First of all, I’d like to point out that brown bras exist. And so do purple, red, yellow, blue, green and pink. Literally, any pattern you want, it exists.” [4]  In a clearly racist attack in and of itself, the Left is trying to put the hurt on whites in order to gain popularity in the minority department. Initially a political ploy, those finding themselves aligned with progressive ideology are grasping at straws in order to find any and everything they can to label racist so long as it demonizes whites. [13]

She then goes on to talk about how there’s one company, Nubian Skin, that’s trying to shed a light on the horror that is nude bras.

Nubian Skin creates nude lingerie and hosiery for women of color and is built on the foundation that all women should have access to the same beauty products.

OMG. So tired of that buzz phrase. “All women should have access to *insert whatever liberals feel deprived of here.* But it gets worse. She finally tops herself off by exclaiming that nude bras are real, actual PROOF of white privilege. Oh. And so are Band-Aids.

Nubian Skin’s mission to bring nude products to women who aren’t white made us think about other subtle examples of white privilege we see in stores every day. For example, whenever you’ve had a minor cut or scrape and gone to reach for a Band-Aid, have you every used one that wasn’t made for light-skinned people? We guess probably not because flesh-colored Band-Aids for darker-skinned people don’t seem to exist.

There is another thing that is worth to pointing out. Companies provide stuff that sells, right? The idea is to provide products that are in high demand? That will reach a big demographic? Yeah? According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2013 alone, whites made up 77.7 percent of the U.S. population. (OMG THAT’S SO RACIST.) Therefore, it would make sense to have more “nude” colored bras, businesswise. Right?

We aren’t trying to condemn the entire fashion industry or all manufacturers of commercial goods as intentionally racist. What we are saying is there are subtle instances of racism ingrained into our daily lives; instances so commonplace they often go unnoticed.

Let me translate that for you all. “I’m not actually saying that you’re all racist, but you’re kind of racist.” It’s a bra, ladies. It has nothing to do with white privilege. And if you want to get technical, most nude colored bras don’t exactly match white skin color either. There’s many shade variations, FYI. And I’m pretty sure I don’t even own one. But I do own a crapton of black bras. So does that exempt me from this whole “subtle racism” accusation?

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