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New Japanese Game Show: The Handjob Karaoke

japan  New Japanese Game Show: The Handjob Karaoke japanJapan is known for its fondess of weird and elaborate game shows, some of which would not go over well with American audiences.  [6] This week, a brand new type of Karaoke based game show was revealed on a Japanese premium cable channel called BS Sky.  Karaoke can often be a blast, especially if the drinks are flowing, but it can always be immensely challenging and nerve-wrecking being put on the spot to belt our your own version of a pop classic or two.  It’s hard enough to stay in time and remember the words but when it comes to singing in tune in front of your friends, the pressure levels often get cranked up another notch. [11] Imagine a karaoke game show that has contestants jerked off while hitting high notes? That’s certainly one for the books. [5]  Believe or not, in Japan, this original version of the show Sing what happens (Killer Karaoke) broadcasts on a premium channel and adult BS Sky cable where several candidates must sing a song they learned by heart and not to be distracted by the young lady who is beside them and is masturbating them, sometimes with his hands, sometimes using his feet. [5]   That’s what we call pushing the reality competition genre to its limits. [7] The show features smiling young women who gives men handjobs behind curtains while they attempt to belt out karaoke tunes. The curtain is low enough that it doesn’t exactly leave much to the imagination, either.  [6] The object of the game is for the contestants to know the song by heart and to not be distracted by the hand job. They need to be able to hit the proper notes—perfectly—in order to win. [4] These candidates must carry a tune in absurd conditions, without being distracted and if possible until ejaculation. [2] If the dude busts one before the song is over, he loses. [9] The most awkward part in a contest that is nothing but awkward parts has to be the camera panning down to the sad little puddles of cum on the floor after each finish. The semen is pixelated to make it safe for TV, because we wouldn’t want to risk offending any viewers of the handjob karaoke show. [17] Japan truly knows what people want in a game show: We want handjobs and dick sucking. [9] We should note that this program is broadcasted on an adult channel in Japan. It’s not as if Japanese folks are flipping through the channels passing Seinfeld or Friends and then accidentally stumbling upon a masturbation-themed game show. You’ve got to really want to watch Sing What Happens in order to join the fun. [13]

1 million yen—roughly $10,000—was on offer for any contestant who could score 90 points. Not surprisingly, the money didn’t get paid out [17] In the video below, this is the winner of the show, which achieved a score of 74 out of 100 and won a lot of products and sex toys, gel, etc …. [5] Let’s hope the show catches on in the United States. At the very least, this could be a fun party game, right? But fair is fair. Women should also play as contestants. [13] The Japanese people watching from a picture within a picture seem to find Sing If You Can to be a hilarious leisure activity. [6] In case you missed it, this isn’t the first time the Western media has puzzled over sexualised game shows from Japan. Back in 2013, we were appalled, shocked and intrigued by a show called “Orgasm Wars“, where one man’s sexuality is impeached by another man’s sexual skills in a battle of wills. A straight contestant must stand with his genitals hidden behind a screen, while a gay man performs oral sex on him, and while the straight man must not succumb to *ahem* coming. [10]   In the US, shows like Singled Out and The Dating Game are about as risqué as TV has gotten. [6] astes in the States are different, but that doesn’t mean premium cable is missing out on its own fair share of outrageous content. [6]

The video below below is a montage bringing together the various candidates. Sex toys? Gel? Etc? Who could resist that kind of shit!

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