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Miley Cirrus & Scout Willis: Nipples Represent Equality

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The picture that started it all

The complete lunacy that has started as a movement to point out the hypocrisy in Instagram’s censorship has turned into a larger commentary on society’s discomfort with the female nipple.  Scout Willis, daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, recently put together a “free the nipple” hashtag campaign designed to protest Instagram, which is now famous for censoring celebrities’ nude pictures. Free the Nipple is an equality movement started by activist and filmmaker Lina Esco, which aims to combat oppression and censorship regarding the female chest.  [1]  Willis is outraged because Instagram had recently deleted her account over what they called ‘instances of abuse.’ [4] The abuse, she complain, amounted to a photo of her in a sheer top and a post of a jacket she made featuring a picture of two close friends topless. [4] For these instances of abuse, she said, “I was politely informed that I would no longer be welcome in the Instagram community.” My situation was in no way unique she added; “women are regularly kicked off Instagram for posting photos with any portion of the areola exposed, while photos sans nipple- degrading as they might be-remain unchallenged. ” [4]  We remember that Rihanna left Instagram for this very reason; her cover shoot for Lui, a European magazine cover which display the signer bare-chested, was promptly flagged for removal. Scout’s Twitter avatar at the time was even Rihanna on the cover of Lui.  [3] Instagram’s parent company, Facebook, is known for what Nerve’s Beejoli Shah calls a “fast and loose” censorship of posts that contain “arbitrarily sensitive material.” [14] [18] Scout Willis argue that nipples on men are just tiny dots with very little function. But on women, they are these pointy devilish spires of sex and lust and greed that basically embody the seven deadly sins. [14] She said in a recent blog post: “In the 1930s, men’s nipples were just as provocative, shameful, and taboo as women’s are now, and men were protesting in much the same way…So why is it that 80 years later women can’t seem to achieve the same for their chests?” [4]

Now, in response to this “injustice,” Miley Cyrus and Scout Willis have teamed up to promote “free the nipple.” The provocative pop star and Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s daughter posed together for a sexy photo shoot in which they both flashed their breasts. [8] The two young women recently bared their breasts for photographer Mert Alas during an NSFW photoshoot on Instagram.  “Free nipples, free me, @mileycyrus #love #lovenipples #mylittlethumb,” Mert captioned a photograph of Cyrus’ chest, with only his thumb covering her right nipple. It’s more surprising to find out that Miley, Tallulah and Scout are friends than to find out there was some partial nudity involved in their get together. [11] As unlikely as it may seem, the two chickenheads are now on a mission to #FreeTheNipple once and for all.

nipple-idiot  Miley Cirrus & Scout Willis: Nipples Represent Equality nipple idiotAnother image shows Cyrus wearing a sheer top with her legs spread. [1] Not to worry, her vagina is hidden behind her hand and her nipples are covered by two red stars.  [1] In the same shot, Scout Willis is sitting on a table between her youngest sister and Cyrus with her right breast on display.  [1] Mert, who confessed to being “#drunk” during the shoot, also placed a red star over her nipple. [1] .

Scout Willis, daughter to Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, made headlines last June when she decided to walk the streets of New York City topless.   [4]  In one image, a shirtless Willis walks away from a fabric store. She has no use for fabric; her skin is her fabric and her nipples are two gemstone embellishments placed symmetrically on the front of her head-to-toe bodysuit. This photo Willis has captioned “What @instagram won’t let you see #FreeTheNipple.” [5]

nipple  Miley Cirrus & Scout Willis: Nipples Represent Equality nipple

In the other photo, Willis touches flowers, though it is unclear if she intends to purchase them. “Legal in NYC but not on @instagram,” writes Willis. (She is referring to bare nipples in the street.)

twitter-idiots  Miley Cirrus & Scout Willis: Nipples Represent Equality twitter idiots

There are also some people who would criticize her choice to relate nipples with equality. In fact a lot of them think that this is a pure lunacy.  Just another pathetic instance of nude protest in the same category as Femen and the cyclonudist idiocy. But she insist and is pretty much convinced that she has a point: “To me, nipples seem to be at the very heart of the issue.” [4]  Scout Willis explained that “what began as a challenge to Instagram and its prejudiced community guidelines became an opportunity for dialogue.” [3]  Scout continued, writing that, “Matters like the taboo of the nipple in the 21st century, public breastfeeding, slut shaming, fat shaming, breast cancer awareness, body positivity, gender inequality, and censorship have found their way into mainstream discussion.” [3]

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