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Was Rhianna Caught on Video Doing Cocaine?

Rihanna is setting social media ablaze once again.  The 27-year-old bimbo arrived at the California music festival at the weekend and has been letting her hair down and partying with famous pals in-between sets. [3] But video footage, posted to Instagram, shows Rihanna and friends partying backstage. In the footage, Rihanna sits at a table while her friends dance around her. She is then hidden from view in the video before the camera pans back to her and shows her clutching at her nose. [3]  The Instagram user who posted the video speculated: “Rihanna snorting coke now smh”. [7] The footage went viral after some people said it showed her taking the class A drug. [1] While it’s true that she is seen rubbing her nose, it’s unclear what whether it just itched or something else was going on. [7] Whatever the case may be, Rihanna tried to shut down speculation over the videos when she blasted one rumormonger on social media. The singer reportedly commented on the video, with US Weekly noting she wrote: “Any fool could see that’s a joint that I’m basing with cigarette! Who snorts tobacco??!!” [9] Twitter quickly lit up with speculation as to what exactly was going on in the video.

King Anthony ‏@TrillAC_ wrote: ‘ Rihanna look like a chick that would try anything. Nothing shocking about her doing coke at all’ and @Eyeduzdis added: ‘Call me crazy,but is Rihanna doing coke in the background? “@SirrThotsAlot:’ [2]

@BlackBoyMiah: said ‘Lmao, there’s no legit proof Rihanna is doing coke rn, everyone’s being extra rn,’ ‏@OutOfLeftField_ wrote: ‘Rihanna was caught on video snorting coke. Could’ve been worse. She could’ve been caught on video singing,’ while  @AllPinkSparkle mused: ‘Lmao to people who think Rihanna doing coke would lessen the love. Mi love har same weh. [2]

@officiALLIE__me put forward another theory, saying: ‘Am I the only one that doesn’t think Rihanna was sniffing coke….? It looks like she was rolling a blunt to me,’ while @MONAMAKAVELI said: ‘that video of rihanna doing coke. she lit.’ [2]

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