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Betty Crocker Goes Homo & Embraces Gay Marriage

Betty Crocker Goes Progressive

The-Betty-Crocker-Portraits  Betty Crocker Goes Homo & Embraces Gay Marriage The Betty Crocker Portraits

The traditional Betty Crocker

Back in the days, the Betty Crocker brand was the very definition of family values. All their ads featured pretty, efficient women working in the kitchen, producing fabulous meals and desserts for their adoring husband and children.[4] If Betty Crocker were an actual person, she would now be more than 130 years old. The character began in 1921 as a friendly face and helpful guide for homemakers learning to cook with new convenience foods like cake mixes and canned vegetables.  [13] The first portrait of Betty was a creepy mashup of the features of women working at General Mills at the time, and her last name came from a respected former executive at the company.  [13] Many moms used to have the Betty Crocker’s New Boys and Girls Cookbook, which published in 1965, was pretty progressive even then.  Betty hosted the very first radio cooking show, voiced by thirteen different actresses in different parts of the country. Her picture and signature began to appear on General Mills products, and her appearance has changed slightly over the years.  [13] No wonder she was named  the second most popular American woman by Fortune in 1945.  Surpassed only by human rights hero Eleanor Roosevelt who was the number one most recognizable female figure at the time. Well, we now live in the 21st century and whether you like it or not times have changed and so has Betty. You’ll be happy to learn that Betty is now a lesbian radical feminist with a “life partner” fighting against the “patriarchy” and making rainbow cakes for sodomite marriage ceremonies. [4] That’s right! Sorry to disapoint you guys.  It seems like you’ll have to bake your chocolate cake yourself and trust me you better wash the dishes when you’re done! Betty is not going to cook for you anymore and she won’t go to bed with you tonight either. Like JCPenney, Target, DC ComicsArchie comics, Kraft Food’s Oreo cookie, Nabisco’s Honey Maid crackersCheerio breakfast cereal, and fast fooder Burger King, Betty Crocker has also embraced the rainbow flag and gone homo. [17]

bettycrocker-lesbian  Betty Crocker Goes Homo & Embraces Gay Marriage bettycrocker lesbian

That’s right folks, Betty is now a lesbian radical feminist and a vegan activist

General Mills, Inc., founded in 1856, is an American Fortune 500 corporation, headquartered in Golden Valley, Minnesota, a suburb of Minneapolis. GM’s food products  include baking mixes, breakfast cereals, yogurt, refrigerated dough, soup, pizza, snack foods, ice cream, soy products, vegetables, and flour. The corporate giant, with revenue of $14.880 billion in 2011, owns more than 100 well-known U.S. food brands, such as Yoplait, Pillsbury, Green Giant, Häagen-Dazs, Betty Crocker, Cheerios, Trix, and Lucky Charms.

Betty Jumps in the Gay Marriage Bandwagon

12_13_12_ bettycrocker_2  Betty Crocker Goes Homo & Embraces Gay Marriage 12 13 12  bettycrocker 2Thursday, August 1 2013 marks the date the state’s first same-sex weddings can be performed in Minesota, after the legislature passed marriage equality into law earlier this year. At this occasion,  General Mills, which owns the Betty Crocker name and trademark (sadly, there never was a real “Betty Crocker” dreaming up cupcake recipes at General Mills,) announced they will donate custom wedding cakes for the first three same-sex couples to be married in special ceremonies at the St. Paul, Minnesota Mall of America. Betty Crocker brand manager Laura Forero said the image of ‘Betty’ is constantly evolving, but diversity and inclusion are in the brand’s DNA,” Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) reports: “Celebrating these three families today, seemed very appropriate as Betty celebrates all families,” Forero said. [20] MPR adds that General Mills “took a high-profile stance last year against a proposed constitutional amendment that would have made marriage only between a man and a woman, a provision already in state law.” [20] “Families are changing a lot. But they’ve still got one thing in common – the love that makes a home,” says the General Mills website “The Family Project.” “At Betty Crocker, we believe that a family is a family, no matter how it’s arranged,” it continues. [6] A recent write-up in Advertising Age magazine read “Betty Crocker’s Newest Recipe: How to Support Gay Marriage“, and had this to say:

The General Mills-owned brand began winning attention for the cause in August of last year by providing cakes to same-sex couples who got married in Minnesota after the state legalized gay married. Now Betty is following up on that high-profile gesture by donating cakes to couples marrying during the Twin Cities Pride event this weekend, which celebrates LGBT equality with a parade and festival in Minneapolis, which is where General Mills is headquartered.

gaycakes  Betty Crocker Goes Homo & Embraces Gay Marriage gaycakes

Is’nt it beautiful?

GLAAD reports that Betty Crocker held a cake tasting at the Betty Crocker Kitchen at the General Mills headquarters in Golden Valley, Minnesota, for the first three couples who will be married on August 1. [3]  Al Giraud and Jeff Isaacson were the first couple in line for a wedding license in Hennepin County in June. “I think we go with the rainbow assortment, right!” Giraud said. “Rainbow, yellow, chocolate.”  [20] Margaret Miles and Cathy ten Broeke got some help deciding on their cake from their 5-year-old son Louis, who announced, “I’m full.”  [20] Miles and ten Broeke had a big wedding 12 and a half years ago, with lots of friends and family and personal vows they’d written for each other, but that ceremony didn’t confer any legal rights. The midnight ceremony at City Hall in Minneapolis, Miles said, will be different: “We call it “Margaret and Cathy’s wedding 2.0,” she said, “this time with rights!” [20]

bettycrocker1  Betty Crocker Goes Homo & Embraces Gay Marriage bettycrocker1And as for cake, keen bakers out there might want to check out the new ‘Rainbow Desserts’ section of the Betty Crocker website – which includes recipes for such delights as Rainbow Layer Cake [above], mini-Rainbow Whoopie Pies [right] and Jumbo Rainbow Cupcakes! [10] At the same time as it unveiled its new rainbow selection of desserts, Betty Crocker announced that it was teaming up with New America – a non-profit public policy institute (or rather a left-of-center think tank) – to redefine modern homemaking with a national survey about the evolution of society. [10]

The Protest Campaign to “Dump General Mills”

parker  Betty Crocker Goes Homo & Embraces Gay Marriage parker

Tony Perkins

The company’s decision sparked a “Dump General Mills” boycott organized by the National Organization for Marriage.  And indeed it has. Of course, the National Organization For Marriage (NOM) boycott failed tremendously, with the good folks at General Mills last year winning the culture war after they came out to the few dozen protestors standing outside their gates, and offering them refreshments.

General Mill’s pro gay-marriage stunt was also enough for Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council to give up Betty’s delicious confections for good. [5]  And now Perkins wants all his fellow conservatives to do the same.  [5] Perkins, who is largely considered by progressives as a notable homophobe, railed against Betty Crocker and its parent company, General Mills, today on his radio program, urging listeners to support the National Organization for Marriage’s boycott at DumpGeneralMIlls.com. [5] [11] Perkins and his allies at NOM also continue to promote ongoing boycotts of Starbucks, Target, and JC Penney for the corporations’ inclusive employment policies, gay spokespeople, and support for pro-equality candidates. [5]  They are also after McDonalds and even the Girl Scout Cookies. [11]  “At Betty Crocker, the only thing they’re mixing up is their priorities,” said Perkins in a minute-long segment captured at Right Wing Watch. [11] [14] Calling Minnesota same-sex marriages “counterfeit marriage,” Perkins urged listeners, “When you’re at the store, think outside the Betty Crocker box!”  [11] [15]

“I never thought that by eating Cheerios for breakfast I would be supporting gay marriage,” starts the organization’s sample petition signed by tens of thousands of people.  “Your decision to pander to same-sex marriage activists has forced me to choose between your food products and my conscience,” the petition says. “As long as food is produced by other companies my conscience is going to win out over the desire for another bowl of Lucky Charms.  “Until you stop supporting this radical social agenda I must, in good conscience, look for substitutes that I can purchase instead of the following brands.”

peter-sprigg  Betty Crocker Goes Homo & Embraces Gay Marriage peter spriggFamily Research Council (FRC) Senior Fellow for Policy Studies Peter Sprigg told LifeSiteNews that FRC has “long argued that corporate America should remain neutral in the culture wars. It is unfortunate that Betty Crocker is choosing instead to take the side of those who want to redefine marriage and family altogether.” [7] [17] Sprigg said Betty Crocker’s efforts to put a positive spin on changing the traditional family “conceals the dysfunction, heartache, and harms to children which frequently result from such alternatives to the family headed by a married mother and father. Betty Crocker’s celebration of homosexual relationships, divorce, and single parenthood will undoubtedly alienate the 71% of Americans who, according to their own poll, say that they have ‘old-fashioned values’ about family and marriage.” [7] [17] According to the federal government’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), homosexuals make up a mere 2.3% of the U.S. population. According to a 2011 study by a gay and lesbian think tank at UCLA, the Williams Institutehomosexuals account for less than 2% of the U.S. population. [17]

General Mills told Secrets that it would not back down. “We acknowledge the strongly held views on all sides of this question. We respect and defend the right of others to disagree,” said Tom Forsythe, vice president for corporate communications. [9]

Betty Crocker’s “Families Project”

gay-family  Betty Crocker Goes Homo & Embraces Gay Marriage gay familyMeanwhile, a General Mills-backed LGBT employee group called “Betty’s Family” will have a float at the parade and the company has invited several married gay couples to march alongside. Lucky Charms, also owned by General Mills, is also expected to have a presence.  Betty Crocker has launched a website called ‘The Families Project‘ which attempts to make gay married couples appear normal. Heather’s two mommies bake cupcakes while the world goes to Hell. [4]  The social push builds on Betty Crocker’s “Families Project”, which includes a video describing how the model of the American family has evolved. “Marriage and family have changed more in the last 35 years than in the last 350,” says the video. [1] [6] General Mills took the opportunity to poke traditional marriage supporters with its comment that it was “easy to think of a homemaker as a stereotype from an earlier time.” [6] “And, to many of us, it seems like a homemaker can only be part of a certain kind of family. But these days, a homemaker is anyone who makes a home,” the company states. [6] The food giant notes 71 percent of Americans say that they have “old-fashioned values about marriage and family,” while quickly pointing out that “we” don’t really want to be “old-fashioned,” but simply want to be “together.” [6] That’s when the company says there’s a “new normal” when it comes to families. General Mills say that the new family structure “makes us happy” and that the “love that exists between family members is a lot more important than how they’re arranged.” [6]

Betty Crocker released another troubling video  showcasing not only the company’s support for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals, but a commitment to highlighting and celebrating the diversity of families. The video is a part of Betty Crocker’s new Families Project, an initiative that seeks to evidence the ways in which not all families are the same but the idea of a family is merely defined by love. [2] By showcasing diverse families and continuing their strong support of LGBT families, Betty Crocker is helping to show Americans that the key ingredient to a family is simply love,” GLAAD spokesperson Wilson Cruz said in an email statement. “On National Coming Out Day GLAAD joins Betty Crocker in celebrating out and proud LGBT people and their families around the country.” [2] Betty Crocker Marketing Manager Perteet Spencer told AdAge.com, “Betty has always been a pioneer and guide for homemakers. As today’s family continues to evolve, so does Betty. Naysayers are always there, but generally the response has been really positive.” She also says that the company is not an activist for homosexual relationships, but “is an activist for the modern homemaker.” [17]

This isn’t the first time General Mills has supported gay rights. In June they launched the #Luckytobe campaign that showed their support for Gay Pride by using the Lucky Charms rainbow marshmallow as a sign of pride and handing out Lucky Charms and rainbow accessories at various Gay Pride events.[3]

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