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Feminist Brags She Aborted Her Son Because He was a Boy

abortion  Feminist Brags She Aborted Her Son Because He was a Boy abortion

Destroy the patriarchy in the egg!

Sex-selecting abortions are nothing new. They happen all the time in China, for example. While they undoubtedly happen in the United States, people don’t brag about them.  [2] Well, at least it used to be the case… until now.  A feminist blogger recently claimed that she aborted her baby when she discovered it was a boy because of bad experiences with men. [1] The author, known only as Lena, posted her story on Injustice Stories, a blog that says it’s “dedicated to sharing stories of social injustice.” [4]  The story went viral. Dozens of outlets have picked it up, every one of them just shocked. An incomplete list: Life News, the Mirror, Metro UK, the Telegraph, Lifesite, Closer, the Scottish Daily Record, The Inquisitr, Her, an anti-abortion Patheos blog, Opposing Views, Huffington Post UK, and World Net Daily, with new outlets picking it up by the second.  In the blog, she wrote that she found out she was pregnant in 2012 and describes the father as ‘the donator’. Describing the pregnancy as a ‘diagnosis’ she said that she was ready to have a child. [1] So when she went for an ultrasound on the baby and it turned out to be a boy, she reacted with the man-hating bile that the rest of her blog seems to follow. [1] The feminist, Lena, said after discovering her unborn baby was male, she began “weeping at the thought” of what she was “about to curse the world with.” [14] She felt a mental anguish the likes of which may only be experienced by those who have had their lives destroyed by war, she added. [1] The lunatic feminist admitted that the main reason why she aborted her baby is because he was a boy, stating that she “couldn’t bring another monster into the world.”[1] She then decided that an abortion would make things right and she is still convinced to this day that her decision somehow “made a difference”  for the greater feminist cause. [14]  “I went in for the procedure, as it was fairly later in my pregnancy, I was aware there were certain risks, but it went off without a hitch,” she wrote. “My body’s betrayal was no more, I was free… I felt strong.” [4]  “I had done something positive, something that would actually make a difference, something good, even though as I would find out, many others wouldn’t see it that way.” [4]  Strangely enough, after making that declaration, claims to be shocked that some people might have a problem with that. [2] The backlash was immediate, and harsh. Lana, much to her shock, was on the receiving end of negative comments and even death threats. [2]

angrytweets  Feminist Brags She Aborted Her Son Because He was a Boy angrytweetsShe said the intense backlash she received encouraged her to “help shape the thoughts of young women today.” [14] As a modern feminist, you will need to be able to take this abuse in stride, remembering that it isn’t always the person who is saying those hateful things, but it is their mal-adjusted, socially-unaware upbringing speaking through their mouths or keyboards,” she claimed.

There are people out there who actually do want to see the demise of modern feminism, they will go out of their way to make anti-feminist comments and some may even take action. These people are the absolute scum of the Earth. [18]

aborted  Feminist Brags She Aborted Her Son Because He was a Boy aborted

One less patriarcal “monster” to worry about… the fight continue…

Lana, who only uses her first name, appears to be a child of privilege. She boasts of involvement in “fighting for women’s rights” being all-consuming, “even to the point of eschewing a career.” [2] Yet that lack of a career hasn’t stopped her from travelling to “many different places” to continue that “fight. [2] We learn on her blog that she is a regular in the Occupy san Francisco crowd and it is obvious that she swallowed the whole gender-neutral inclusiveness paradigm that is so trendy among liberals these days. She also confessed that while she was pregnant, however, the woman, known as Lana, had a few experiences that strengthened her feminist views. [15] Paradoxically, talking about the time when she was still convinced that the baby would be a girl, she said that even though she insist to have a girl and not a boy,  once the baby is born the “gender” part would be up to the child. “I had already started buying gender neutral clothing since I did not want outside influences affecting what gender she would ultimately become,” she writes. [2]  After researching all-girl daycares and schools with the plan to make sure that “No man will be around to hurt her progress, no boys there to demean her or call her names,” [2] If both genders are susceptible to being infected by the “patriarchy,” then why have kids at all? [16] Go figure! Anyway, Lana eventually got horrible news from her doctor – her baby had a penis.  This was the end of the “baby” project for Lana at this point.  Apparently this poor girl has been totally brainwashed by the whole gender neutral fruit-cake cult that proliferates from the so-called “identity studies” that we find everywhere in academia these days.  Nothing she can say after this point can be taken as rational thinking.  She’s a leftist cult member…. and a murderer.  Lana informs readers that she is now the mother of “a beautiful 1 year old female who will hopefully grow up to be just as strong and driven as her mother.” She ends her post saying:

I stand by my decision to abort my baby because it was a male. I don’t hate men, I hate the patriarchy, what men, and even some women, turn into, I wasn’t going to let that happen with my offspring. The chances were greater that it would with a male, it was unacceptable. If the curse returns, I would do the exact same thing all over again. [18]

abortion-on-demand-protesters21  Feminist Brags She Aborted Her Son Because He was a Boy abortion on demand protesters21

This blog post has been mostly ignored by pro-aborts, except for the good little lefties at Snopes.com who have rated the story “probably false” because they hadn’t heard of the website until that blog post appeared. [3] There is good reason why there have been no objections from the pro-aborts over this. If you take the position that a woman can have an abortion for any reason at any time, which is the most conservative position you’ll find among pro-aborts — many would favor mandatory abortions for undesirables — this woman has the right to abort a baby boy because she doesn’t like boys. [3] She has the right to abort the baby with dark eyes and hold out for one with blue eyes. In the words of the woman in a follow-up post, expressing shock at the criticism she has received:

To me, the experience was liberating, the emotions I felt when deciding what I should do, and after learning my fetus was male was something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. Coming out of it a liberated woman though was more than worth it. If I had to do it all [18]

Abortion advocates like to pretend that abortion is a tough decision made by women who have no other option, but every now and then an extremist lets slip how radical the beliefs of the pro-abortion movement really are.  [12] This is the real face of the pro-abortion movement. Kill any baby, any time, for any reason.  [3] ‘Lana’ even expresses surprise that “many friends, and several of my own family members have completely cut off communication with me”. [9] Unfortunately she misses the point about why people would be angry at her and instead reiterates her right to choose what happens to her body. [9]

[D]o people really exist who want to see me dead because of what I chose to do with my own body? Those are the minds of mentally disturbed individuals … I suspect that many of you reading this will be the kind of people who are sending emails from their mom’s basement, leaving comments on here and on social media websites as you degrade mentally more and more while sitting on your crusty computer chairs. Do everyone a favor: GROW UP! [18]

Sex selection abortion is expected to be made officially illegal in the UK under an amendment to the Serious Crime Bill, which has the backing of 70 MPs. The bill has completed its committee stage in the Commons and is intended to clarify the law on sex selective abortion. [6] An alliance of faith and women’s groups representing Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus has backed the amendment and said “not enough is being done” to stop the practice, the Daily Telegraph reported [6] The amendment reads: “Nothing in section 1 of the Abortion Act 1967 can be interpreted as allowing a pregnancy to be terminated on the grounds of the sex of the unborn child.” The practise is said to still happen in the UK particularly in ethnic communities where boys are more valued than girls. [9]

abort  Feminist Brags She Aborted Her Son Because He was a Boy abort

The good news is: this hand will never hit a woman…

Whether you like it or not, this is the face of feminism in post modern America, when the struggle for equal rights has been supplanted by a vicious and mindless misandry that believes young men should be prosecuted for rape on general principle and a mother’s inability to have a fulfilling relationship with a man justifies killing a child. [3] This diabolical “us vs. them” mentality pushed by today’s so-called feminists highlights how feminism has transformed from a genuine women’s rights movement in the late 19th century into a top-down tool of social control steered by powerful interests to make women more dependent on the government while breaking up the traditional family model.  [14] Ironically enough, this strategy was laid out in Brave New World, a 1932 novel written by establishment insider Aldous Huxley which anticipates a future society that is centrally controlled by a powerful government through the use of various techniques such as the destruction of the family.  [14] In the book, the central planners use social engineering to eradicate romantic relationships to ensure the citizens have complete allegiance to the state and not with each other through personal connections such as families.  “All their ties with the past — friends, family, traditional decencies and pieties — have been severed,” Huxley wrote in his later essay Brave New World Revisited. “They are new men [and women], re-created in the im­age of their new god and totally dedicated to his service.”  Modern day feminism has also supercharged this strange idea that abortions serve as an “acceptable” way to shirk responsibility from raising a child, and some elements of the pro-choice movement have gotten so radical, they are now pushing for the “abortions” (i.e. murder) of children AFTER birth.

Infowars reporter Joe Biggs was even able to get college students to sign a petition to legalize the killing of newborns up to age five.

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