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Seeking Arrangement: Sex for Tuition in Ireland

Incredible but true.  It’s a new trend in the US, the U.K., in Canada [3] [4] [5] [6] and it’s now reaching Ireland. [1] [2] Entrepreneurial young women at a university in Northern Ireland are coming up with a novel way to pay their way through college – they date a sugar daddy. Turning their back on all the feminist ideals broadcasted everywhere in the media, hundreds of hard-up students have decided to sign up to a dating website in order to find men that will help them ease their financial concerns.  [1] Students at Queen’s University in Belfast have latched on to a global phenomenon, the website SeekingArrangement.com. Over 200 women have signed-up to the site – 84 in 2014 – which allows them to find rich men who will help them out financially as they struggle to pay their way through university. [1] On average, the sugar daddies spend in the region of £3,000 ($4,570) on their so-called sugar babies for company and sex, while also showering them with gifts. The website recently released its rankings for the universities in the UK, which had the fast growth of sugar babies signing up to the website. Queen’s University rounded off the top 10, with almost a 50 percent increase in the number of students taking to the site. Top spot went to Westminster University in London. [1]

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Seeking Arrangement’s CEO, Brandon Wade

Seeking Arrangement’s CEO, Brandon Wade, who met his own wife via the website, says a tripling of university tuition fees has left a number of female students looking to other ways to try and supplement their income.  “True, they can do it the hard way, but why struggle when there are people who are happy to help?” he said, speaking to the Cambridge University student newspaper, the Tab. [6] Three-quarters of graduates won’t even be able to pay off their debt.”  “Sugaring not only aids in the cost of pursuing an education, but a large majority of these men and women will have a more solid financial situation upon graduation – maybe even a job,” Wade added. [6]

sugarbabiesireland  Seeking Arrangement: Sex for Tuition in Ireland sugarbabiesireland

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