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Muslim Imam Gives Prayer to Open a Texas Rodeo

Imam_Moujahed_Bakhach  Muslim Imam Gives Prayer to Open a Texas Rodeo Imam Moujahed Bakhach

Moujahed Bakhach

Real americans are ALL for religious freedom but people get confused when organizations forget who their customers are and decide to use their platform to prove they are politically correct… especially when the customers aren’t demanding it.  [4]  The Stock Show has become more diverse this year as officials have let more groups offer prayers before the start of events. Rodeo fans awoke to news that a Muslim Imam had offered a blessing before the festivities started. Moujahed Bakhach of the Islamic Association of Tarrant County delivered opening remarks. Not much later, the Facebook page for the 23-day event lit up this week after Moujahed Bakhach of the Islamic Association of Tarrant County led the public prayer Sunday night. [6] [9] While many of the comments on the Stock Show’s Facebook page were supportive of the more inclusive prayer policy, most were not. [6] More than 1,000 people have reacted. [14] Opposition seemed directed not personally at Bakhach or his words but at the inclusion of a member of the Islamic clergy during a time of violence involving Muslim terrorists. [6] A sampling of the sentiments expressed: “I for one won’t attend an event that allows a darkness to be spoke over me,” “Muslim/Islam has no place in this country” and “I just will choose NOT to go somewhere that embraces a religion that wants me, my family and my people DEAD.” [6]  Needless to say, Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo made a really bad judgment call when they decided to have a Muslim Imam say the opening prayer on a Sunday for their all-cowboy, all-American event— before a crowd composed mostly of Christian and military families. [4] It seems that for some faithful rodeo fans, the inclusion of a Muslim imam in the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo has become a burr under the saddle. [6] They didn’t invited a Jew or an atheist to pray over the stock show and rodeo, but they did invite a muslim Imam… why? To demonstrates their adhesion to the new politically correct “inclusiveness” ideology no doubts.  It is also notable that a Jew or Christian should also NOT be invited to give the opening prayer for an ALL Muslim event… it doesn’t make sense of any kind. Rule of thumb in knowing your audience; it is appropriate if a decent percentage of the people in attendance share the belief of the person leading the prayer for the event. [4]  The rodeo has a “Faith-Based Advisory Committee that consists of three Christian leaders, two Jewish leaders, Bakhach, an Imam and a representative from the Fort Worth Clergy and Police Alliance Program. [14] According to the rodeo’s Facebook page, the group rotates the list of religious leaders who give the blessing before the events, and it was the Imam’s turn. They said the one-minute prayer was given in English and was “never a Muslim prayer, or a prayer of any specific religion.” [14] The annual Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo doesn’t usually attract controversy. Since 1896, Ft. Worth has the held the longest, continuously running livestock show. So it is noteworthy that the historic event, full of country-style family fun, brought on heated vitriol this year. [4]   Comments on posts included these kinds of sentiments:

Rodeo-Texas-Imam-Prayer  Muslim Imam Gives Prayer to Open a Texas Rodeo Rodeo Texas Imam Prayer

There isn’t a transcript of Bakhach’s blessing but Brad Barnes, president and general manager of the Stock Show, said Bakhach’s blessing was “spot-on” and “very appropriate.” Even with the support from rodeo officials, however, the social media firestorm would not abate. [4] Bob Tallman, the rodeo announcer, who regularly gives “evangelical-like comments” during the event, said Bakhach did a “wonderful job” and the Imam said there was a “beautiful spirit” at the event last week. [6] [10] [14] Nevertheless, according to the Star Telegram, Bakhach said he sensed a “beautiful spirit” at the venue Sunday and thought the prayer went well. [5] [15] “I didn’t hear any negative reaction to what I said. I sat down to watch the show,” Bakhach said. [4] [15]  Still, the online reaction caused Brad Barnes, president of the show, to cancel the Imam’s scheduled  second blessing to be delivered on February 2nd. [4] [14] “My participation may have offended somebody, I know,” said Imam Bakhach [7] “I felt he was in a spot, so I canceled for Feb. 2,” Bakhach said. “I love Fort Worth. It really hurt me to see this reaction.” [8] It should be noted, that the remarks were not a Muslim prayer but an all-purpose blessing that happened to be delivered by a Muslim. [1] [4] The Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo runs a little over three weeks every year. The 2015 event will continue until mid February.

Folks on Twitter echo negative reactions to a Muslim being asked to lead a blessing at the rodeo:

muslimrodeo-lunacy  Muslim Imam Gives Prayer to Open a Texas Rodeo muslimrodeo lunacy

And Muslim supporters blasted those who objected to the Imam’s “prayer:”

“Kudos to FWSSR for leading the way and understanding that America is a country of immigrants. Thanks for showing love and not hatred by showing tolerance for all religions; as Freedom of Religion applies to every American, even if they don’t look like you or believe what you believe,” one person wrote.

“The ignorance here,” another echoed. “You all should be ashamed of yourselves.” [8]


Tuesday, Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins invited North Texas Islamic leaders, including Imam Bakhach to the commissioners’ court meeting as a show of support. “We work best as a society when we’re respectful of one another and treat each other the way we ourselves would want to be treated,” Judge Jenkins said. [7]  For Imam Bakhach, there is no anger. But he says what happened makes him realize the need for more communication between the Muslim community and those who cast doubt. “I think there needs to be education and building a bridge of communication. [7] Our community must increase their outreach and interaction to their neighbors, and to the interfaith community. We need to be active in that and invite people to sit down and talk,” said Imam Bakhach. [7]


thehug  Muslim Imam Gives Prayer to Open a Texas Rodeo thehugBut what the Dallas Morning News did not report is what Top Right News has uncovered: that Imam Bakhach is linked to convicted terror-supporters who were convicted in the largest anti-terror trial in U.S. history. [8] The Holy Land Foundation trial convicted 5 Texas Muslim leaders for “providing material support to Hamas, a designated foreign terrorist organization” — $12 million sent to terrorists. Imam Bakhach was head of the Muslim Legal Fund that defended these traitors, and he blasted the U.S. government over their “miscarriage of justice” repeatedly during the trial. Below he can be seen (at right) hugging Mufid Abdulqader, 49, of Richardson, Texas, was sentenced to a total of 20 years in prison. [8]

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