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Anjem Choudary: Sharia is to Coming to Denmark

danish-host  Anjem Choudary: Sharia is to Coming to Denmark danish host

Danish TV host Martin Krasnik

The news blog 10news.dk, in an article that was translated in english from the Danish news outlet Ekstra Bladet, have reported that “a controversial European Islamist is starting to organize in Denmark.” [1] [2]  The British Islamist Anjem Choudary visited Copenhagen this week to establish a Danish branch of his Islamist network.  According to terrorism researcher Magnus Ranstorp, there is reason to be concerned that Anjem Choudary’s organization is setting up in Denmark. “He creates an atmosphere of confrontation and hatred, and incites young Muslims to go to Syria and fight. He is anti-democratic, and is exclusively for the Sharia,” says terrorism researcher Magnus Ranstorp of the National Defense College in Stockholm.  In a June appearance on the DR programme Deadline, Choudary told host Martin Krasnik what he thought should happen to Denmark’s parliament building.  “Maybe Christiansborg should be renamed to Muslimborg one day and have the flag of Islam flying over parliament. It would be very nice,” Choudary said.  [3] In the appearance, he also defended his controversial beliefs. “I believe that adulterers should be stoned to death, I believe that we should cut the hand of the thief and Sharia should be implemented in Denmark,” he said. [3]  He went on to say that it is “a reality” that Sharia law would one day come to Denmark. [3]  Wherever he goes, this controversial Imam strongly pushes the establishment of islamic law in England, Denmark and in rest of the world.

Watch the interview with the british preacher Anjem Choudary presented on Danish Television.

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