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Chineese Born Mother: Common Core same as Communist Core

lilly-cina-common-core  Chineese Born Mother: Common Core same as Communist Core lilly cina common core

Lilly Williams

Lilly Williams, mother of three and and originally from China, tells a Colorado school board that Common Core here in the U.S. is the same as Communist Core in China which, according to her, prevented children from growing up as independent thinkers.  Williams was born and grew up in China during the regime of Chairman Mao, is running for the state legislature in Colorado as a Libertarian.  “By telling my own story, I wanted to share my message with you: Big governments do not work; big governments are very dangerous because they eventually use force,” Williams said. “Big government attracts people who love power and control.”  Williams spent 24 years living under the communist regime before emigrating to the United States. But she fears the United States is becoming more socialist, and losing the freedoms for which she came here.  “I’ve known Lily personally for many years, and she has a passion for protecting freedom and liberty, born out of her experience as an immigrant from communist China,” said LNC chair and fomer Colorado LP vice-chair Nicholas Sarwark. “She’s deeply involved in the community in Parker and committed to work hard for the residents of her district, and I couldn’t be more proud that she’s carrying the banner of the Libertarian Party.”  Williams is running for the state House of Representatives in the 44th district, and has received the endorsement of a former Republican state legislator.  She is particularly vocal in her opposition to Common Core’s one-size-fits-all agenda and encourages more choices for parents and students.

Lily Tang Williams talks about growing up in Communist China and similarities to Common Core on the Peter Boyles’ Show on 710 KNUS News Talk Radio:

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