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Donald Trump: There is a Muslim Problem in the World

Ddonald Trump has always been one to speak what’s on his mind. He is not the type of guy who minces words or places an imaginary PC Police filter between his brain and mouth. He simply tell it as it is. This kind of honesty has made Trump a favorite target for liberals, especially since he’s a wealthy white guy. [4] When he appeared on Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor as a potential presidential candidate, he said the world has a certain “problem,” which caused quite a storm. He questions Obama’s birth certificate, says “it might say he’s Muslim,” and also thinks there is a “Muslim problem,” to buttress this point he says he has been opposed to the “Ground Zero” mosque since the beginning. [1] [2] [3] [5] [7] [8] [9] [10] If there were any liberals out there who didn’t already hate the real estate guru, once they hear his statement on the “Muslim problem” facing the world, they’re sure to foam at the mouth. [4]  O’Reilly asked Trump if there’s a Muslim problem in the world. “Absolutely,” Trump replied, explaining that the Swedish people didn’t knock down the tallest buildings in the world. [9] The self-made billionaire then remarked that he came out “very strongly” against the mosque being built at ground zero. “I couldn’t believe it,” Trump said. [9] Trump then explained that he knows many “fabulous” Muslims, but “unfortunately” there’s a “Muslim problem in the world.” “You know it, and I know it,” he continued. [9] “Some people don’t like saying it because they think it’s not politically correct,” Trump lamented. [9] Watch the interview by O’Reilly below:

Near the end of the clip, O’Reilly asks Trump why he thinks the so-called “moderate” Muslims don’t speak out more “forcefully” against extremists. “There’s something out there that brings a level of hostility that I’ve never seen in any religion,” Trump replied. “I mean you can say what you want about the Koran, you can say what you want, there’s something there. [1] There is tremendous hatred, and tremendous hatred of us,” he added, explaining the situation in Iraq at the time and how the Iraqi people “hate” America despite the fact we invested so much in their nation.  [1] About a year after appearing on O’Reilly, Trump appeared on CBN News to again speak again about the Muslim problem in the world, echoing his prior statements.

Watch the recent interview by CBN below:

According to the Daily Caller, in the wake of the attacks on the Lindt Chocolat Cafe in Australia, that Trump was focused on the radical Islamic jihadis  during his weekly Monday morning appearance on Fox News’ Fox & Friends, in which he warned that America will likely soon see jihadist attacks similar to what just occurred in Sydney, Australia.  “You look at those images, that could happen anywhere,” said Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy, “You live on Fifth Avenue here in New York City. [12] There’s a Lindt chocolate shop close to your house.” “Maybe that will be next,” replied Trump. “And the fact is they no longer respect this part of the world, our world. They no longer respect it. They see what’s happened. They see what they get away it, and they just don’t have respect.” [12] [10] [11]

Some people may take Trump’s harsh words against muslims with a grain of salf since it was reported that Trump donates heavily to Democrat candidates, giving tens of thousands of dollars to the campaigns of Chuck Schumer, Hillary Clinton, Kirsten Gillibrand, and others. A sole donation of US $50,000 to the social-conservative PAC, American Crossroads, was made shortly before he began his presidential media campaign. [6]  Another story mentions that Trump, who runs the Miss USA beauty pagent, helped choose Rima Fakih, a Shi’ite Muslim from Detroit, as the winner of the contest in 2010. The Donald and his people reportedly coached her to not answer questions asking her whether she supports Hezbollah [6]

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