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Obama Cannot Hide it Anymore: He Writes Communist Tweets

For those who have ears to hear, it seems that President Obama may have shown his true colors recently, and you probably already guessed that they’re not red, white, and blue. [1] Our founding fathers did an amazing job of ensuring that future generations were able to have liberty above all, which in turn allows us to pursue happiness without government interference.  The liberal left does not feel that people can be responsible for themselves, but they instead feel we are a part of a collective, which seems to water down the individuality upon which the United States of America is based.   It doesn’t take a great political compass to see that Barack Obama is the most dangerous President America has ever had. But after he was caught during his two campaigns in damaging off-script comments – such as to Joe “the Plumber” about “redistributing the wealth” – he has stuck to the teleprompter. Carefully poll-tested words are used to rally support for causes which are to the left of mainstream American politics.  [2] Community organizing is rooted in Marxist philosophy, and that’s the only other “job” Obama has ever had. Now, Obama is so bold with his messaging that the White House is promoting actual communism on Twitter:


This is absolutely incredible! There is not a thing wrong with supporting one another, but to state, “We are going to give back to everybody” does not sit well with any liberty loving patriot by any standards. Obama doesn’t believe in private ownership and private entrepreneurship – but instead is endorsing communities working collectively. In Obama’s mind, the individual doesn’t matter, as long as government grows toward its impossible goal of utopia.  Communism has killed more than 100,000,000 people in modern history. There are no reasons why we must repeat those mistakes on purpose. Impeach the bastard!

[1] Belle Jones, Has Obama Finally Shown His True Colors On Communism With These Tweets?, Mad World, December 11, 2014

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