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Singing “White Christmas” is Now Considered Racist!

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Country singer Darius Rucker

The Christmas season is upon us. Cities around the country have held their Christmas tree lighting ceremonies. These joyous occasions, however, have been disrupted by Ferguson protesters who have antagonized, bullied, booed, and surrounded chanting loudly.[1]  But, what should expect from a group of people whose political party booed God.   Racial tensions are running high in New York in the wake of the death of Eric Garner at the hands of a police officer – and people have been up in arms at the decision to sing the song ‘White Christmas’ at the city’s Christmas tree lighting ceremony. [2] These Christmas bashing progressives have taken their hate-filled paranoia to a new level with their attacks against country singer Darius Rucker, who happens to be black. [3] People on the left now see EVERYTHING through the prism of race. [4] What did Rucker do that drew the hate of the liberals? He sang White Christmas at Rockefeller Center in New York City. The song, written in 1940, is not intended to have any racial content whatsoever – it’s a nostalgic song about past Christmasses, and the ‘white’ part is meant to be snow. The Bing Crosby version of the song is thought to be the best-selling single of all time, having sold 50 million copies worldwide. [5] Liberals immediately took to Twitter to display their idiocy and attack Rucker.  Maybe someone should tell these idiots that the Irving Berlin Christmas classic “White Christmas” is not talking about white people. It is talking about snow.  But, maybe they now view snow as a symbol of racism. Will we see protests against snow in Fargo, North Dakota, upstate New York, or anywhere else that snow falls? Apparently, nothing “white” is good anymore… [6] “All these young folks down here, they practice, they put on a good show, and they drown them out with a siren,” said one man, who happened to be black. “Why can’t they protest somewhere else?” [7]

twitter-white-christmas-lun  Singing “White Christmas” is Now Considered Racist! twitter white christmas lunwhite-christmas-lunacy  Singing “White Christmas” is Now Considered Racist! white christmas lunacy

Paul Joseph Watson, from infowars.com, simply think that “the Left has truly gone insane” and reminded the liberal idiots flooding Twitter with their race baiting lunacy that what they are saying is as stupid as to say that the Rolling Stone’s song “Paint it Black” was written as a racial slur for blacks or worst as “a call for black on white genocide.”  [8] Watson concluded saying that “if allowed to spread, the irrational insanity of the Left will destroy America.” [9]

paul-joseph-watson-white-ch  Singing “White Christmas” is Now Considered Racist! paul joseph watson white chBut whatever you do this holiday season, don’t make the mistake of dreaming of a white Christmas. And if you accidentally do have that dream, don’t tell anyone. Even your therapist. Because that makes you a racist. [10]

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