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Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel Introduces the “Voluntary” Death Panel

Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, main architect of Obamacare and brother of Obama’s former chief of staff, Rham Emanuel,  says 75 is a good age for him to die. In fact, he believes we would be doing society and loved ones a favour by doing the same. “A good life is not just about stacking up the years and living as long as possible. People need to focus on quality of life,” he says. “Setting an actual date for a good time to die helps you focus on what is important in your life.”  [1] Emanuel is is one of the most renowned physicians in the United States. A top oncologist, he is currently chair of medical bioethics and health policy at the University of Pennsylvania. He has received dozens of awards from organizations such as the National Institutes of Health and the American Cancer Society.  Now 57 years old, Emanuel is enjoying a successful, active life. He recently climbed Mount Kilimanjaro with his two nephews. He doesn’t have a terminal illness and he has no plans to commit suicide.   In fact, he opposes physician-assisted suicide, and instead is a proponent of simply allowing the body to age naturally.  He says when he reaches 75, he will refuse all tests and treatments, including the blood pressure medication he takes now.

I’m not suggesting people kill themselves at 75 but, rather, let nature take its course. It’s a controversial stance, but one that resonates with some in an age when medical science can prolong life, but often at the cost of quality of life. [2]

Well, we are not going to insist that he stays, that’s for sure!  Maybe we can even try to convince him to advance his expiration date.  One less scumbag in this world would certainly benefit us all.  But, as you probably already suspect, it is very unlikely that Ezekiel Emanuel will hold this promise and serve as an example for the rest of us.   If you believe one word this man says, well, it’s because you don’t know how the liberal elites think.  There is good chance that those words have the same value as Obama’s promises or Jonathan Gruber statements. When his time comes, Ezekiel Emanuel will take all the medicine and life extension technology available to him you can be assured of that.  Elites usually are obsessed with life extension, immortallity and goddhood.  Liberals are usually lying throught their teeths and adopting “fake” and underserved moral highgrounds to make you feel like you are scum. Like most of the elitists floating at the top of the democratic party he is also a eugenecist in disguise.  But he won’t talk bout that of course.  What he is saying is NOT what he is prescribing for himself, what he is telling you is what the elite want YOU to think… and to do.  He is introducing to the world the new DEATH CULTURE, the new biomedical ethic what will prevail in this era of austerity. There is no doubts that they want you to follow in the footsteps of Ezekiel Emanuel.  They want to think about yourself like if your life had no value, like it was a thing worthy to sacrifice to save the earth, profit the younger generation and to cut carbon emissions.  As for this eugenicist bigot, well we should put together a watch team that will make sure that he will do honor to his words and document it on video.

Here is the radio interview he gave to CBC:

Emmanuel joined Judy Woodruff on PBS to discuss his provocative essay published in The Atlantic, “Why I Hope to Die at 75.”

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