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Video Footage of ISIS Member Having Sex with a Donkey?

An ISIS terrorist was caught having sex with a donkey by a U.S. drone, according to LiveLeak.  One can get really lonely in the hills, which might compel them to try different things. Well, this man seems to have found company.  An active coalition drone in Syria has reportedly captured images of this ISIS militant in a lustfull act of bestiality.  The footage shows the man in a compromising position with the animal.  The video was then posted on Liveleak for the world to see. We look at video of the sex tape, as well as video captured by Israeli intelligence of alleged Hamas terrorists having sex with animals, and ask about the motives for the governments releasing these shocking tapes on the Lip News with Mark Sovel and Elliot Hill.

[3] Watch: Video footage of ISIS member having sex with a donkey?, Decan Chronicle, Friday, Nov 21, 2014

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