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Student Disarms Gunman, Prevent School Shooting and Gets Suspended For Involvement in a Violent Incident school bus gun lunacy 620x330

Student Disarms Gunman, Prevent School Shooting and Gets Suspended For Involvement in a Violent Incident

When the Hero of the Day is Punished in the Name of Political Correctness

A Florida high school student and his friends have discovered the horrible truth that hides behing the cynical adage that “no good deed goes unpunished” when he was suspended for disarming a fellow student on the school bus. [1] The teens, all students at Cypress Lake High School in Fort Myers, Florida, were on a school bus when two students got into a heated argument. One of them then pulled a loaded .22 caliber revolver on the other, and aimed it at his head. One of the suspended students, who spoke later with WFTX-TV news, knew instantly that this was no prank.  “I think he was really going to shoot him right then and there,” said the unnamed student, whose identity is being kept secret for his safety. “Not taking no pity.”  Witnessing this life-threatening situation, the teen and two others tackled and disarmed the suspect. When the police arrived at the scene, they arrested the gun-wielding student, Quadryle Davis, and charged him with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon “without intent” to kill.  If the teens who stopped this aggravated assault expected to be hailed as heroes when they returned to school, they were certainly in for a surprise. What actually happened was that, the very next day, the school suspended all three of them. The teen who spoke to WFTX-TV news was shocked.

It’s dumb. How they going to suspend me for doing the right thing?

Teaching the Kids that Self-defense is Bad. Blackmailing them to be Victims

The school justified the suspension, which lasted for the rest of the week, on the ground that the students who prevented a deadly shooting were part of an “incident” involving a weapon. Alberto Rodriquez, speaking on behalf of the Lee County School District, stated that “If there is a potentially dangerous situation, Florida law allows the principal to suspend a student immediately pending hearing.”  The unnamed student’s mother was disgusted with the whole thing. “Those kids had to fight for their lives,” she said. “All the kids that was involved in this, they should have a pat on their backs because they did the right thing to save someone from burying their child.”  Those who pay attention to the news might be a little less surprised than, although quite as disgusted as, the young man’s mother. In the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting, schools around the country have reacted with unseemly hysteria at the slightest hint of “gun thinking.” No guns need actually be involved for the schools to act.  In mid-February, a seven-year-old boy in Loveland, Colorado was suspended from school after he entertained himself by throwing an imaginary grenade at a box that he had peopled with equally imaginary bad guys. According to Mary Blair Elementary School, the boy broke the school’s rigid rule against pretend weapons and pretend fighting. One assumes that those activities take the children’s attention away from the pretend learning that goes on in too many American public schools.  One would think that this “imaginary grenade” event, which was widely mocked, would have stopped schools in their mad rush to imagine guns into oblivion, but such was not the case.

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