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Mindless Naked Porn Stars Explain why Obama’s “Net Neutrality” Screwjob is Good for You chicken head net neutrality 620x330

Mindless Naked Porn Stars Explain why Obama’s “Net Neutrality” Screwjob is Good for You

How low do you think liberals are willing to go in order to get their aganda passed?  Well, a new record low had been reached. And this time it’s so obvious that they really think that you are stupid that it is almost offensive.  Three really stupid naked porn stars want to teach you why net neutrality matters. In a totally moronic video they explain in the ‘clearest’ possible terms why President Obama’s support for the measure is a step in the right direction for everyone. [1] Not that many people know what net neutrality entails for them, or why they should care but those three chickenhead made a point to let you know why: because if you don’t give Obama power over the internet you won’t be able to see their tits and asses any longer. This belief prompted the comedians at ‘Funny or Die’ to recruit the three adult film stars to give you what they believe to be the “naked truth” which is that net neutrality is about “giving all companies an equal chance at reaching customers by being afforded the same amount of traffic as higher-paying internet giants.” [2]  Nadia Styles, Alex Chance and Mercedes Carrera pose absolutely naked in this video, to do a presentation explaining why the reaction from Texas Senator Ted Cruz is unjustified and misguided. Their main argument against Ted Cruz: “he is not sexy.”  We must admit that we are completely stunned by the weight of their argument… and their idiocy.

“Net neutrality means that all websites are treated equally,” Carrera, the brunette, coos. “And President Obama just stood ‘hard’ and ‘firm’ on the issue!”

“Because poor people should be able to watch porn just as fast as rich people,” Styles, the one with the dyed hair adds, ‘quoting’ Obama.

“Net neutrality, aka the internet, as we know it, is like a giant sex party where everyone gets to have sex with anyone they want,” they explain, grabbing onto various body parts for emphasis.

“Unfortunately, Senator Cruz – who is not sexy! – has taken countless donations from telecom giant Comcast and wants to end net neutrality,” they go on. “Ted Cruz doesn’t want me to get naked for you!”

It gets especially ridiculous when the trio is surprised that Cruz, an “old, rich guy,” has taken up such a position, given that ‘old rich guys’ aren’t strangers to porn at all – especially the “weird” kind.  The truth is that if there is one person between the twos which really has been suspected to be up to his ears into “weird kind of porn” it is not Ted cruz, but Obama himself.  Among other things, he’s alledgely a member of the same gay Chicago bathouse as Rham Emmanuel, he has been exposed as a bisexual cocaïne snorter byLarry Sinclair and rumors said that he had an affair with Beyonce… and god knows who else.   The video ends with the ladies about to engage in a threesome, before the whole thing abruptly freezes, and a spinning ‘loading’ sign appears in the middle. Senator Cruz outlined his views in a Washington Post op-ed, saying that “government-regulated utilities invariably destroy innovation and freedom. … If the federal government seizes the power to regulate internet pricing and goods and services, the regulations will never end.” This was in reaction to Obama’s push to file consumer broadband service under Title II of the Telecommunications Act – the reasoning for which he outlined in a recent address on the future of a free and open internet. [2]


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