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Lunatic Woman Arrested for Selling Meth While Wearing ‘I Love Crystal Meth’ Shirt

A totally wasted Kentucky woman has been arrested for selling crystal meth while wearing a shirt that expressed how she feels about the drug. Debra The mug shot mugshot has lifted her to Internet stardom, according to the New York Daily News. Delane Asher, 37, was wearing the black T-shirt that read, “I (heart) crystal meth” when she was arrested Tuesday in London, 250 km southeast of Louisville, the Laurel County Sheriff Department said on Facebook. Asher and another suspect, a man going by the name of Richard Jeffrey Rice, 57, were found with 3.37 grams of crystal meth, cash and a set of digital scales, police said. [2] They have both been charged with trafficking a controlled substance.  Since their arrest, Asher’s face has appeared on several national websites including People, The Huffington Post, and BuzzFeedNews. This is not the first time someone has been arrested while wearing an ironic T-shirt. Watch the video below for more of those idiots:

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