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Man Sets Bar Record By Drinking 56 Shots and Dies Man Sets Bar Record By Drinking 56 Shots and Dies shooters 620x330

Man Sets Bar Record By Drinking 56 Shots and Dies

elite-daily-drunk-guy Man Sets Bar Record By Drinking 56 Shots and Dies Man Sets Bar Record By Drinking 56 Shots and Dies elite daily drunk guyFrench police opened an investigation on Wednesday following the death of a man in his 50s after he downed 56 shots during a drinking competition. The man, who was not named, was attempting to beat the previous record of 55 shots in a bar in Clermont-Ferrand in central France on Friday.  [1] The investigation will probably be a very short one. Anybody with a brain will quickly come to the conclusion that the man died because that’s about 46 more shots than any person should ever reasonably even think about drinking, especially in quick succession.  I would be interesting to meet the guy who set this previous “record,” because there’s absolutely no way he’s alive, either, unless the feat was accomplished over an entire forty-eight hour timeframe. Physiologically speaking, there’s about a 0 percent chance of surviving otherwise. [2] Even if someone tried to conquer 55 shots in a 24-hour span, his BAC percentage would still be in the neighborhood of 0.834. Do the math.  That number means you’re dead. Actually, anything above a 0.40 means you’re on the verge of going comatose and succumbing to respiratory or cardiac failure–unless you’re receiving medical attention and already being rushed to a hospital. [3]  “He swallowed around 30 glasses in the space of a minute,” a police source told AFP.  The man was driven home in a drunken stupor and emergency services took him in later that night.  He died the next day in hospital after falling into a coma and suffering a heart attack, his daughter, a 21-year-old student, told AFP.  Most people have a hard time throwing down two back-to-back shots in a minute’s time and feeling okay afterward, but this idiot swallowed what was equivalent to just short of a 1.5 liter bottle. And then he didn’t stop and right away after that he kept going.  The bar manager told local daily La Montagne that the man was drinking “much too fast” and he advised him to stop after the first 30 or so shots.  But the daughter disputed this version of events, saying it was only after the 56 shots had been consumed that he was told to go home. She said:

My father died by his own hand but it was the bar that served him the drinks. [4]

It’s hard to realize the nerve or the carelessness at hand here, both for the guy who was drinking and the barkeep who obviously enabled him to pursue his suicidal trek.  There’s only one way he came into possession of all that booze at once: the bartender gave it to him, whether it was in the form of 30 shots straight up or a full bottle of liquor. People can go for a good, healthy competition, but the lunacy shown here by both the drunkard and the bartender render are beyond belief. Anyone with a shred of common sense could tell you a 55-shot challenge is a straight death wish–as is a 21-shot challenge, for that matter. The daughter said she would sue the bar if it transpired there was negligence in the case.  [5] Police said the manager could be charged with “not assisting a person in danger.”  The manager himself said he was “very affected” by the death but declined to comment further saying he preferred to explain the events to officials.  [6] Whatever they may say, it’s pretty obvious there was some negligence in this case, and we can expect the bar will to lose its liquor license in the near future.  It’s a shame the bar in question here would even boast some kind of record like this as if it’s something to be proud of or known for. Report says extreme drinking games have claimed the lives of several people recently in Europe.  A game started on social media called NekNominate, which challenged people to “neck’’ or down a drink in one gulp, was linked to a handful of deaths from injury or alcohol poisoning in Britain and Ireland earlier this year. The game is thought to have originated from Australia.The game consisted of a participant filming themselves drinking a pint of alcohol in just one gulp. The participant would upload the video to the web and nominate two others to do the same thing. Those who were nominated had 24 hours to complete the challenge. There is only one thing to say about this shit: don’t do this on any level, kids. It doesn’t make you any cooler than you already are, grant you any kind of special privilege to better enjoy your night or birthday, or make you any more of a man or woman. It makes you dead, and that’s just plain stupid.

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