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Retired Colonel: Nancy Pelosi is “Dumb As a Rock”

It is often difficult for informed conservatives to understand the level of support for radical terrorist groups like Hamas and Islamic Jihad so often voiced, or implied, by the left.  The liberal media regularly omits details favorable to Israel, preferring instead to serve as the propaganda arm of the militants. Barack Obama says that the terrorists have “legitimate claims” and blames Israel for civilian deaths caused by Palestinian policies. John Kerry inserts himself into a peace process where he is not wanted and takes the side of the terrorists.  And Nancy Pelosi argues that America needs to confer with the Qataris, who often tell her that Hamas is a humanitarian organization.  Now retired intelligence officer Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Peters explains the source of Pelosi’s viewpoint: “She doesn’t know the basic facts,” he said. “She’s dumb as a rock and makes no effort to educate herself.”  Peters says that there is a prevalent belief among “Obamacrats” that Hamas and organizations like them are “freedom fighters,” and worthy of American support in their ideals, if not always in their methods. He says that view is just plain wrong.   “At some point,” Peters says, “you’ve got to recognize evil when evil is right in your face, and Hamas is evil. The Qataris are evil.”  The consequences that result from that worldview are even worse, he continued. It causes presidents to disengage from violent situations–like Clinton from Mogadishu and Obama from Iraq–when the unpleasant reality that mature adults need to face is that sometimes you just have to “kill bad guys.”   Peters’ theory–that liberal policies result from ignorance–also helps explain why even liberals and Democrats who have supported President Obama for  years are now beginning to distance themselves from the president as his positions and actions become more generally known.  Pelosi, on the other hand, shows no such sign of enlightenment. In fact, we’re not sure “dumb as a rock” covers it.  She might be dumber than a whole bag of ‘em.  Please share this article on Facebook and Twitter if you agree that the Obama administration’s view of Hamas and other terrorist groups simply doesn’t accord with the facts.  Here are the highlights of the interview:

SEAN HANNITY:  “How could a former speaker of the House — our own government recognizes Hamas as a terrorist organization. How did she not read their own charter? How does she not know the Qataris are the ones providing the money to buy the rockets that kill the Israelis? Does she not know these basic facts?”LT. COL. RALPH PETERS:  “No, she doesn’t know the basic facts. She’s dumb as a rock and makes no effort to educate herself. And you know, I’ll tell Speaker — former Speaker Pelosi that, good — good Lord, I mean…”

HANNITY:  “I think dumb as a rock is about right.”

PETERS:  “Yes, but…”


HANNITY: “… dumb or ignorant, or both!”

PETERS [Mocking tone]:  “And the Nazis were wonderful humanitarians. They ran great youth camps for blond-haired children. I mean, come on! At some point, you’ve got to recognize evil when evil is right in your face!”

HANNITY:  “Yes.”

PETERS:  “And evil — Hamas is evil. The Qataris are evil! But again, Sean, there’s this notion among Washington elites — and by the way, check out the Washington think tanks funded by the Qataris. There’s this notion that if we just — if we just make friends and chummy up and do the bidding of these Islamist states — and Qatar is about the worst right now — that somehow, everything will magically work out. They are exploiting us, and we’re too stupid to see it!”

[2]  TPNN Staff, Ralph Peters: Nancy Pelosi is ‘Dumb as a Rock’, Tea Party News Network, August 4, 2014

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