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Zombie Students Sign Petition to Bring Ebola Into U.S. joe biggs bringebola in the 620x330

Zombie Students Sign Petition to Bring Ebola Into U.S.

Infowars reporter Joe Biggs hits the streets to see if people will sign a petition, “The Ebola Equality Act 0f 2014” that will provide funds to ebola victims from West Africa to enter the US, allowing them to travel freely throughout the country and even giving the signees the option to house the ebola patients themselves.  In less tha an hour he was able to get 17 signatures out of 30 persons interviewed.  The worst part is that 11 of those 17 persons volunteered to give shelter to ebola patient in their own home by initializinga special square on the petition.  Joe Biggs was baffled:

These are the youth that are supposed to go to college and taking on positions to help further our country.  This blows my mind. [..]  Some of the people who signed this said they were in nursing scool. Some of them are gonna be doctors. This is wy the CDC is as messed up as it is. We have a bunch of people in there that have no ideas of what they are doing. And they are putting american’s lives at risk. THIS IS MIND BLOWING!

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Bill Wallace is a self-fashioned writter, a computer programmer and cybermarketer from Quebec City, Canada who decided to enter the political arena after his disillusionment with the socialist system under which he was living in the French Canadian province of Quebec.

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