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She’s Obese Because she Can’t Get Enough Welfare Money

fat-ass-welfare-brat  She’s Obese Because she Can’t Get Enough Welfare Money fat ass welfare brat An incredibly fat welfare brat in England is blaming the government for being obese. Thanks to her regular diet of crisps, chocolate and candy bars, Christina Briggs, of Wigan, England, tips the scales at an unhealthy 25st. She says that it is the government’s fault because it won’t give her a free gym membership so she can exercise. Believe it or not, this junk-gobbling, couch potato thinks that she’d become the next Penthouse Centerfold if only the government would give her more welfare money. A 350-pound mother of two claims the reason she is morbidly obese is because she needs more of taxpayers’ money to break her bad eating habits. Christina says she can only afford junk food and that she doesn’t exercise because she doesn’t have enough funds to join a gym, the Daily Mail reports. “It’s not easy being overweight and on benefits,” the single mother told Closer Magazine. “If I was well off, I’d be able to buy fresh food and afford a gym membership.” [1] Sounds completely idiotic to you? Well, this is exactly the kind of lazy human wreck that socialism breeds. She is so sure that only government is the answer to all her problems that it desn’t even cross her mind that her weight just might be in her own hands. She doesn’t have a clue that she can stop eating the junk food all on her own, that she might start walking her neighborhood for exercise, or that she has the power to begin losing weight without some government assistance to “help” her do it.

[1] Francine Anker, Twenty-five stone mum: ‘It’s not my fault I’m fat – I need more benefits’, closeronline.co.uk, Thursday 25 September 2014

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