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Gene Simmons Slams Obama over Ebola

Appearing on the Fox News Channel’s show “Outnumbered,” KISS frontman and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Gene Simmons criticized President’s Obama handling of the Ebola crisis, wondering “Where’s the president? Where’s leadership?”

I think what’s missing, respectfully, is the president of these United States should step up and say, there’s danger whether it’s a jet flying through the air or somebody infected. The president should step up and say, “OK, everybody take heed. From now on is a 21-day to 48-day incubation period of anybody stepping up here. Now go make it happen,” to his troop. I don’t hear our president speaking up. There’s the head of this guy, the CDC, the XYZ, the PTA, the IOU and doctors aren’t available for comment? Come on! Where’s the president? Where’s leadership? “You guys get in line. I don’t want anybody coming from that part of the country here because my job is to protect America.” Come on! [1]

It’s not the first time that Simmons calls Obama for his lack of leadership. Last time the rocker said Obama’s “got to say what you mean, mean what you say,” according to Newsbusters. [2] In his previous criticism, Simmons compared Obama to a parent whose word means nothing.  [3] With these harsh words, Simmons joins a small group of celebrities, including John Voight and Rob Lowe, who have not been afraid to criticize this president’s leadership on the world stage.

[2] Geoffrey Dickens, Rocker Gene Simmons Schools Obama: When You Draw a Line in the Sand, Stick to It!,  NewsBusters, August 7, 2014 | 5:45 PM EDT

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